•†• Death Realm •†• (Recruiting & possibly looking for a merger)

  • Recruiting and possibly looking for a merger.
  • Were Top 20s alliance & 50s MT, yet aim for Top 100.
  • Alliance Info: English speaking • International • Non-Stop 14☆ • War Strategy • Line Required.
  • Requirements: 4.9K TP • Lv 29 / 23 Mana Troops • 50+ maxed 5☆
  • More Info via LINE: the_stranger_asaad

Thank you! Cheers :slight_smile:

•†• DEATH REALM •†• is full. Waiting list contact via Line: the_stranger_asaad . Thank you :slight_smile:

6 Openings:).
Contact via LINE: the_stranger_asaad

13 Spots. Contact via line the_stranger_asaad

•†• DEATH REALM •†• have amazing folks and is semi-competitive (as long as you’ve troops :sweat_smile:)! The stranger as a leader has an amazing personality, wise, and caring. Likewise, willing to share or teach game knowledge about heroes’ synergy. Give us a try! 13 spots available (for a merger possibility). Contact Asaad (The Stranger) via LINE: the_stranger_asaad

Thank you! Cheers :slight_smile:

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