Dear Small Giant – a plea for changes to in-game chat reporting


I don’t think the definition of spamming is clear enough here.

How often can we post ads in AR?

If I chat with a player and say “Name, We are alliance X, we do Y and Z here, would you like to check us?” is that a spam?

If a player says he/she is looking for a alliance in general, can a recuiter name alliance or is that recuitment?


Recruiting is part of the game. So yes you did right by blocking the ads you dont want to see. But tell me this would ur ally have members if you guys didnt recruit? Reporting people for recruiting yes that’s not a valid reason and you say you blocked 20 well that’s 20 diff alliances you blocked so that’s not even under spamming so reporting them would be in the wrong. If you wanna go into about talking about questions being asked theres a room for that as well so was it wrong for you to be in general chat for asking and answering questions then? General chat has no rules for room it’s just general.


Again I think you’re missing the point. This thread isn’t about your opinion on the inhabitants of gc but to discuss a solution for the reporting abuse and whether or not recruiting should be allowed or a bannable offense, in gc.

I don’t see gc going anywhere. Keep avoiding it and you’ll be good.

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I generally just hang out in my alliance and rarely ever venture out into in game chat or even Line/Discord as it’s not worth the energy. This thread helps make that decision very easy now.

That said, if there are folks conspiring against others, this needs to be addressed, no matter where it happens. I know SGG in correspondence with me on other matters that happen on 3rd party apps has not indicated a willingness to investigate but my guess is that these types of things are pretty much exclusively happening there (Line, as an example). It’s a tough place for SGG to be, but maybe the time has come to think about how to solve a problem that is hurting the player base even if it is happening off it’s own platform.


I wish it was that easy.

I reguraly see mini accounts (lvl5) threatening people in AR and in general with reporting, based on rules they make up. For example yesterday a mini account was messing with me because I replied with a hi hru to people who came to chat and said hi. “He” meant I was generating unnecessary traffic and spam. I don’t agree, saying hi to each other is a common beginning of human interactions. I also saw people trying to organise reporting campaign against a person who had different opinion on a topic than them.

I feel that reporting is being misused today as a tool for trolling and pushing out people from a conversation. That’s why I’m asking for making the rules specific and explicit, and features reducing the ability to troll.


How many cries for help will it take before SG even decides to look at this?

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I’d like to clarify that I keep referring to gc mainly because this is where i typically chat. I realize this is a problem in all chats here at e&p and i stand for all of them. Not just gc.


I’m sure SG is reading every post in this thread

Probably figuring out the best way to reply

Not exactly an easy task to respond to a problem of this size with mobs of angry people in the mix as well

If it was me, i probably wouldn’t respond without a solution to the problem. If they do respond but have no solution, people will just rant and rave further


Sorry, I am not buying that. And I’ll leave it by this. @MetalMel


I rant and rave over everyhting Rigs says.

Unless he says something wise, then i Swoon.

Which is always.

I just kinda wanna say its nice to see the community come together like this. It makes me think there are nice people out there that value whats right, even if 0.1%.
And those ppl make me want to be part of the global family.

Cheers Global Family <3


I think one answer is to let members of an alliance share/exchange a unneeded/unused fighter


I have just spend the last hour reading all the posts within this thread. And like the majority, I agree that changes need made to the Global Chat system, reporting/banning system, and the monitoring of inappropriate behavior. I did see that SG updated the AR rules a day ago…while that is a start in the right direction, how many of us knew that? I only know because I clicked on the link posted by @Rook (thank you!) But yet again, please provide hard rules and not generalized rules for each chat room. Clear guidelines on what is considered spamming is a must. Is it too many ads, the same same comment made repeatedly, or a player chatting that is posting frequently responding to other posts? Clear guidelines on what is appropriate in each room is a must-yes there is rules about expression and inappropriate behavior, but it should be very clear what is acceptable and not acceptable. Could I staybout of the rooms if I do not like what I read? Absolutely, but that doesn’t solve the issue. I have made several game friends and I like to pop in to say hi. But also, children play the game. I too have witnessed role playing that involves ***, very blatant comments about genitalia, and players staying that they block people or go into rooms to troll. How is any of this ok? And I haven’t even started on the cyber bullying that is happening within the game. Nor the manner in which reporting is vetted…if it is. Nor how players with bans are told that if they spam the support they will lose their account…all because they want to know why they were banned. So much is broken. SG I truly enjoy the game, but that love was fostered because of the people within the game. I am now uneasy to chat in General Chat or Alliance Recruitment for fear of being reported and banned. To the point that I am considering leaving leadership role, changing my ingame name to start anew and be anonymous. Why? Because when I enter a room I get several greetings and I do not want to be rude and ignore everyone, but I also don’t want to be reported for spam. So much is broken. There are several wonderful recommendations within this thread. SG I strongly encourage you to listen to your customers, without us you wouldn’t be so successful. And please notify players via ingame email when changes are made to chat rules…once again I thank Rook for posting. I will be sure to let players know about the day old update.
Thank you for you time in reading this.


Agreed, it is nice seein peeps come together

Still seein a lot of banter back n forth between players in this thread though, which doesn’t make any sense to me.

If every player in this thread is on the same side(and all are, some just don’t realize it) then attacking each other is pretty counter productive



5* for everyone!!! Yay problem solved!

…until everyone goes back to the chat rooms lol

Anyways, jokes aside, how do you see “hero exchanges” as a solution to the chat issues?

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I don’t think you get my point… I’m not off topic here. General chat is a bad place to be. It has almost nothing to do with the game. It’s impossible to have a conversation there, lines roll out to quick, overflowing with game unrelated stuff, sprinkled from time to time with real monuments of stupidity and sexual content… recruitment should be done in a dedicated room, where all other unrelated items should be grounds for banishment. Those who, unaware of the curent state of the GC, choose to enter there should be made aware of what they will encounter there… In eight month I entered GC maybe 5 times for no more than a total of 10 minutes and every time I left with a bitter taste in my mouth… So, it’s only normal for me to wonder why anybody would complain about being bullied and offended there, when GC seem to be the favorite hang out place of the loony band…


Posting my original response in this thread: Chat ban in the game- More warning, More transparency, More leniency

As someone who runs a training alliance, i find that new players end up in GC rather than AR. Heck, I remember being amazed that there WAS a PS or AR! New players so rarely end up in AR that if I tried to find new players who were asking basic questions like “how do I rearrange my team and “what does ‘hero chest’ ‘mean,” I would still be waiting to fill my training alliance. The language on the “invite only” leads new players to say “send me an invite,” so it’s terribly confusing.

If SG had a “new player” chat where training alliances or alliances looking to start new players could post ads, that would help. I like the idea of ads being static for a set time.

But as someone who has moderated three international message boards, I’ve dealt with reports about people that were ridiculous, valid, or somewhere between the two. Personality conflicts, perceived “rules,” language filter infractions, etc. it takes time to investigate. So setting clear rules for people is very important. If players can try to hookup in GC, role play, flirt endlessly, type “help” over and over and over again in messages, the chat room has lost its purpose.

For AR: perhaps making several broad categories like training alliance, minimum cup level, minimum TP level, competitive, casual and having static ads available would be helpful. Maybe designate a category within an alliance as recruiter and only that member can post an ad.

SG could even make a special building or spot on the map or Sharehold where players could click and it would take them to a new area where they could select a Chinese menu of alliance characteristics they were looking for. Likewise, an alliance that was looking would be able to choose features from the same menu. If a player and an alliance’s choices match, the player is shown the alliance (or alliances) static ad and can then send a request to join. It might be nice to add a feature here where a brief chat interaction between player and alliance may take place to avoid a mismatch. This would remove ads altogether from the main chat rooms, cut down on blocking and reporting, and eliminate some chat bans for spamming.

For GC: a rules blurb that appears and requires acknowledgement when entering would be good. People can’t then say “I didn’t know…”. Report feature could include screenshot of reported post. That would be easier to investigate. Some coding could also be done to show number of reports by a particular person over X months and # of times that person has reported the SAME person in that time frame. This could alert SG to potential bullying.

Having several room moderators would be useful as well to actively stop things before they got out of hand. SG could limit the report feature to moderators only. It would drastically cut down on the number of “spite” reports and bullying that gets people chat banned.

While SG cannot deal with outside issues from its app, these issues from chat apps or Facebook (or other social media) where disagreements occur DO have a real effect on IN GAME chat reporting. Cyberbullying is real and SG needs to be aware of that. So having the means to track who is constantly reporting whom should help to flag unwarranted reporting and help eliminate unwarranted chat bans.

My opinion. My two cents.


This thread is not about people acting or living up to your standards. Ofc youre entitled to your opinion and I really prefer to not bicker with you. You seem like a fine human being but youre not addressing the problem at all.

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I think a better definition of what is considered “general chat” and what is considered “off topic” is one step in the right direction if anyone can ever make such a distinction

To me, the things you mention sound like they belong in “off topic” which is the last room on the list which would clear up general chat a bit if that could all be moved over there. Any time I’ve gone to off topic, it’s typically E&P tinder anyways

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