Dear Small Giant – a plea for changes to in-game chat reporting

Dear Small Giant,

The community of Empires and Puzzles is coming to you with a plea. We have noticed that the in game report feature is being used more and more as a weapon to bully, rather than its intended function. We are asking that you make some changes so that it can no longer be used to bully a player from the game. Reports need to be vetted more completely. You need to look at who is doing the reporting. We believe that you will find the same group of players ganging up on specific players as a bullying tactic. You say that misuse of this feature won’t be tolerated, we are asking you to back that statement up with action. If you look at the forum thread about this issue, there are some great suggestions. Chat moderators would be the ultimate solution. Limiting the amount of reports each individual player has is also good. A better method of recruiting is a must, as is a merc chat. Until you address the poor in game recruiting, the bullying will continue. You ban folks for “spamming” chat regarding recruiting, yet you allow sexual role playing in off topic. Which one is more damaging to the game? Your priorities are clearly misplaced.

Players are scared to go in the in game chatrooms to recruit or even chat for fear of saying something that can be twisted and reported by someone with a personal grudge or someone who just enjoys getting others banned.The report feature is being used for sport and that greatly concerns the community, and it should concern you. People are avoiding in game chat, and some are choosing to leave the game due to the stress, which affects your bottom line.

Attached is a video plea from some in the community. Alexa was the latest victim of reporting for sport. We aren’t asking for her ban to be overturned, that’s between you and Alexa. We are asking you to help those who enjoy the game not to be victimized as she was, bullied for sport.

Thank you on behalf of the concerned players of the E&P Community


Just don’t try to recruit in peer support or “experienced” lvl20 chatroom. And don’t spam your ads in general discussion or alliance recruitment. If you spam, you get reported and blocked for being annoying. Post an ad like every 5 minutes. You’ll be fine.

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@Datootfary I amended your post title to make it clearer what the topic is about, and attract more player attention.

I’ve also edited the link to the YouTube video to embed the video onto the Forum, so it can be played easier and is more visible.

Is this the thread you’re referring to?


I am 100% behind this. There needs to be a change and a stop to bullying. This needs to be addressed. Change needs to be made for everyones sake.


Thank you @zephyr1, it is.

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I refuse to go into the global chat rooms but out of curiosity I just checked it out. It seems to me that there are literally dozens of postings regarding recruitment in the general chat, peer support and advanced rooms.

Frankly, I still can’t see the point of the whole global chat. It seems pointless for actual recruiting and certainly doesn’t lend itself to serious discussion about the game.


I quit going into any of the Global chats because of the sexual talk, and the bullying… in several rooms if you are not part of the “click” group that is on at that time they hang up on you and insult you until you leave … I used to help players find an alliance that they would fit into like Alexa was doing … then I started getting bullied because I was helping the players so I stopped … All the general chats need to be “cleaned up” … There are minor children that play this game and sexual role play should NOT be in a chat that the minors can access … nor should people be reported for asking people to stop because of the minors being in the chat rooms … I love this game and Most of the players but there are a few bad players that is making it harder and harder for me to remain playing … DARKEAGLEWOLF (DEW)


I spent a solid month recruiting in general and AR, I never saw bullying or ridiculous sexual stuff. If you consider bullying to be telling someone to stop posting their ad every 10 seconds, I don’t know what to say to you.

The report button is thoroughly over used. That is the problem. People can easily get others banned by repeatedly reporting them. The block button is there for that reason. If recruitment chat gets tiresome (which it does when someone is posting every minute), block them.
People are using the report button as their own personal attack on others. That’s bullying and that needs to stop.
Thank you to those spearheading this. #justiceforHeyAlexa


Others have seen it. Pay attention to this thread and you will see. It’s real, it’s happening and it needs to be corrected.


It took me ages to figure out how to switch rooms lol
General is just one big fat orgy fest, then i found peer surport, that was good, was. All they talk about is there own stuff and ignore people asking for help or ideas, i stay out of them now. I get more help on this forum


SWEG … no the bullying I am referring to is (that happen to me personally ) "why are you in our room … we dont want you here just leave " this is our room and we will report you if you dont leave " we can and will get you banned from chat and the game for being here "
Then they went on to call me racist names as well …


and the role play I speak of is straight up porn in word form in detail …



Reporting players just to bully is wrong. Not doing anything but turning a blind eye to it is much worse. Please make the changes needed to ensure that the bullying is stopped.


Is there a rule that forbid someone to recruit member in General chat room instead of Alliance Recruitment chat room?

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I would love to support you in your effort. However,

How? What measure are you using in your data collection of this? Without solid concrete facts I am left to make a decision without evidence. I am in no way refuting what you are saying, but I need more than just a he said she said plea. Like, how often was she posting, what were the contents of the posts, had people asked her to slow down, etc.

Could you provide some more clarity as to what is happening. I do not hang out in any of the chat rooms. So, a back story would be helpful for those of us who are wondering what is going on. Please refrain from naming names, but fictitious representations are always appreciated.

It would also be helpful if Alexa shared her story. I read the entire thread that Zephyr1 tagged to this one. I am not finding anything other than hearsay and short anecdotal stories.

The ideas suggested have great merit, as I would like a Merc chat as well.

@Datootfary, I hope your thread remains positive and provides valuable information for the community.



#•••• admits she does it out of spite … and this is happening in AR now

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Hey @DEW,

This will probably get flagged. Next time blur out the names and alliance names

The “data collection” is in the chats you admittedly don’t enter. This other player gave you an example, and I witnessed many more.

The first comment:

“I report because it annoys me.”

You’re defending people like him who cannot be inconvenienced because they feel entitled. I don’t recall there being any hints once you unlock chat at level 4 that multiple chats exist. Equally I do not recall there being a single specification that any given chat is restricted entirely to its title.

Why are people then equally not banned for talking in Alliance Recruit? Or people banned from not just helping others in Peer Support?

I mean how are we even classifying what “General” means.

…if this was all made clear, you’d have a point.

As Guidelines (roughly) say: “Spamming is a reportable offense as it can disrupt player to player communication.” However, it does not state nor specify what constitutes as Spam in itself. It does not contain any specifications as to what is “acceptable” until you cross the line into “Spamming”.

Posting every 30 minutes: “find true love at” by normal definitions is what?

Meanwhile posting: “x alliance looking for players” every five minutes is what?

Are we defining spam by content or duration? If 20 recruit ads are placed at the same time, is it spam to post again if you were the first now buried at the top?

I’m sorry but I find “whatever annoys me” thee most invalid of reasons if you want to talk about anecdotal, but guy beneath you provided a ss and the first comment itself both prove the validity of the entire message.


I went in to prove a point … I never said a word in there … my point in this is no matter when you go in it is happening … I was there less than 5 minutes to get the ss of this that’s how often it happens

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Thank you I fixed it