Dear SGG, your game has been fully copied (MythWars)


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SGG is aware of this. Petri closed the original thread, so i’m reclosing.

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I came across this game by chance. A completely replica game. isn’t such a copy against copyright? What are you thinking?

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Has anyone seen commercials for this? It looks like an almost blatant rip off from E&P. Is it made by SG? Do they have a lawsuit? The graphics are almost spot on with minimal differences. My apologies if I broke any rules asking about another game.

Yes, they’ve been made aware of it.

@zephyr1 merge? close?


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An advert on Facebook lead me to an app I might like according to them… it looks like a 99.9% copy of Empires & Puzzles. I do not really care, but I would think Small Giant has this covered right? Copyright, plagiarism…

Opinions? Experiences? Your thoughts?

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2nd copy…

20 copied blockbusters…

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Your merging power are required :innocent:

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I watched Mythwars ad twice in Mystic Version

Yes, the copycat of E&P. SG is really funny to allow its ad shown in MV.


I’m sure y’all have seen this, but Mythwars is a complete copy of E&P. Copywrite infringement??

Why didn’t you use the search button? There are already such threads, about this. And why did you open it in ideas category in the first place?

@zephyr1 merge?

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Moved to General…think it’ll be closed soon enough.

Why then a new thread, if you’re sure?

Here’s the link to the existing thread.

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Be nice, not everyone is a master of forum :heavy_heart_exclamation:


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