Dear Dev's, isn't it time for a taste commission? Volunteers?

As i understand it, there are people who lock themselves up in their sleeping room to prevent themselves from reacting to cards. The pictures aren’t always that tasteful i understand.

Considering that and to prevent those lonely lock ups, isn’t it time you call in a taste commission?

  • You send a picture of a new hero (just a picture, no names, no other information)
  • They are very happy or promote your picture to the digital graveyard.

As I don’t have taste, only thing i could do is join dev’s, so i’m not the person you’re looking for. Who volunteers? To convince Dev’s you’re the one maybe some examples of you approving would be nice :smiley:

If the commission succeeds, it would be nice to give them other taste tasks too :slight_smile:

Hi @VFROOD. Is this thread translated? I’m not sure what you mean.

Do people lock themselves in their bedroom because they don’t like the new heroes?

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I think he is talking about unsuccessful cards like some heroes from summer event. Idea is to give to these volunteers heroes pictures and they are deciding good enough picture or not. If good, hero with name and stats go to beta. If not good, hero picture never comes to beta and main game later.

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