Dear Developers (regarding Special Events)

The point was, if you can finish the map, you can finish event tiers. By the time I could finish Season 1 I was also able to finish rare quests. Maybe the rare quests are a better more efficient goal?

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For who is interested, here is the link:

@Duaneski, making a good team is part of a good player. Knowing and chosing the best team avalaible for every stage is part of a good player. Taking your time to level 2* troop instead of feeding them on higher once is a strategy to win.
Now you want that all of this just disappear, because new players can’t win. You want all of us with the same chance.

Ok thats an interesting idea, and as @Fledoble said it may implement the actual content with a brand new event that works like that.

But wishing that beginner tier don’t take in consideration grinding, team composition and level of the troops just because it has the word “beginner” in it, it’s just a delusion.

You fail to prove your point the same moment you refuse the @Fledoble proposal to make a new content like you want.

Now i just see a newbie that cry for not having found this game sooner.

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You can’t instruct others not to respond to you, if you refuse to receive their instruction.

Folks have told you why the game is as intended. You have refused to accept it, and further expended great effort to argue them into your way of thinking. Obviously that’s not working.


Sadly some people only want to play puzzles only, but they installed empire and puzzles. Now that they invested time they want the developers to change the game and remove the empire component.

This is way off topic but:

No just NO! :no_mouth:


I agree, I’ve only been playing about a month and a half. I really wanted to try the new event, but after struggling to get thru level 3 on beginner I just quit. I don’t have teams for either intermediate or advanced.

Please leave the higher levels alone but make the beginner level doable for those just starting out. I’m sorry but a just a mere summon token for over rank 10k just stinks. That’s yet another reason to not even attempt it. At least make the reward something people want. Just suggesting here, in no way demanding, perhaps a world energy potion or even an alliance potion. I’ve personally not had the greatest luck with summons so it’s why I suggest something in addition…maybe even health pots…just 1 other item beyond summons.

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  1. I don’t believe anyone is assuming anything about you. We’re just responding to the things that you have written.

  2. You still use e-mail?

  3. You set the forum to e-mail you whenever someone replies to one of your posts?


This post is off topic and inappropriate.

Yet my posts keep getting hidden? When there was a moderator in here off topic for ten posts…

This forum is apparently a sanctuary for defending the game developers?

The person said he sees people coming here wanting a puzzle game and then crying when they get rpg. It’s repeatedly been asserted that I want easy mode here. Or a hand out.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m talking about making the frickin game better.

But since you guys got your 6 month E&P diploma my opinion is wrong and yours is right, is the consensus. Which is one thing. But hiding my posts because of it seems like a fun choice. Especially when it’s unilateral.

And yes. I have an email. Shock

I didn’t change my settings when I signed up here. That’s the default I guess? I don’t get notifications on my email, but I do check my email daily. So I see that I’m getting replies here that way.

So there is a double standard then? Because all throughout this thread are people instructing me on what to do. And the only posts hidden here are mine.

Including the entire branch that I flagged where you were off topic.

I understand why this game is designed this way. I do.

And you’ve certainly tried to explain that events are end game content.

And I’ve said, 1 - that’s dumb. It doesnt have to be that way. And 2 - OK. Well. Start by changing the naming convention. And maybe move back the level cap for seeing events.

Otherwise, you guys are perpetually graced with posts like mine. Which apparently is an issue that will continue to be ignored

In my alliance (we hover around 100K), most players don’t play the events. Especially the ones with vampires in it. This is mainly because the rewards are not worth it. But also because even for seasoned players the event can be really hard. Why would anyone waste resources on an event if the rewards are also bad? There is not even a statistic showing that you have mastered this event X times.
I have played countless RPGs and this has to be one of the most pointless events ever.
What it would need at least is rewards that are in proportion to the effort and a level of difficulty that does not suit only the very best in the game.
FYI: I have already invested money in this game. I’m not trying to get as much as possible for no money. It’s about getting rewarded properly for the time and effort you invest in a game. That seems to be forgotten at times.

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The forum constitutes a conversation, with the usual flow of a conversation, detours included. As a rule, it is good to stay on topic.

But if you choose to post that you believe people are making “assumptions” about you, and that you are receiving e-mails notifying you about replies to your forum posts, then you lose the right to claim that responses on these subjects are “off topic” and “inappropriate”. Because you raised them.

We disagree that you are talking about making the game better, by the way. I believe your proposals would make it worse. There’s no need to be so sensitive about that: adults can disagree in a civil manner without anyone throwing a tantrum and claiming that only they have worthy motives. I don’t doubt that you believe your suggestions would make the game better. I just think you’re wrong. It would be nice if you would similarly extend the benefit of the doubt to other contributors. It’s a bit cynical to behave otherwise.

As to why your posts get hidden, I’m not an expert (I’ve flagged posts twice or three times, and never yours) but I believe it requires flags from multiple users for a post to be hidden. Sometimes it’s unclear what the reason is (being off-topic would be a very weak reason that would seldom survive scrutiny) and sometimes it is abundantly clear. Profanity is probably the easiest way to get flagged. (I’m in favour of it, but this is not the place.) Name calling is probably the next easiest way. I think the posts that you have had hidden involved some fairly blatant name calling.

You should probably change your settings, if the e-mails bother you. Or stop with the e-mail. It’s 2018, after all.

I tell you a secret: intermediate is just freakin’ more competitive then advanced :scream:
Shall we change that too?

Just a race name buddy.
You can make it change the name if you feel better, but you need experience, time and training to win a race, even with minikarts.

Just tell me another competition where you can be fine right after you start…?
Some 80’ arcade games?

  1. Post hiding is mostly a crowd-sourced function, as I noted above. The mods will review flags from time to time, I think, and sometimes edit potentially offensive language. I’ve seen mods (@Rook included) observe that conversations have gone off topic and gently pull them back, and I’ve even seen them shut down threads that have gone feral. I’ve never seen them selectively excise off topic posts. That would be heavy handed. They’re pretty consistent in shutting down swearing and name calling, though.

  2. It’s your prerogative to think that it is dumb that the events be late game content. It is my prerogative to think the opposite: that the events being mid and late game content is an excellent thing.

  3. We all agree that the ‘Beginners’ event tier is mislabelled. (I say “we all” because I have never read a dissent.) This has been discussed extensively in the past. So that’s great news, right? We’re on your side when it comes to this issue.

  4. Posts like yours are a joy. It would be tragic if they did not hang around in perpetuity.

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I mustache you a question.

This thread is still going on? :smile:


Like. Plenty haha. You can load up any FPS and compete immediately. Sports games. Some racing games.

RPGs and RPG-lites, whatever category you want to put this game into. There is always going to be content you’re working towards.

What’s problematic from my experience is: you’ve got level restrictions on some content, and once you pass those level caps you can enjoy, on some level, the unlocked content. This is logical.

Then over here, these events are perpetually available, but you can’t actually enjoy them at all.

There’s a lack of consistency there, at least.

Yesssss. This is fine here. Can’t call someone a fart knocker. That crosses the line.

But passive aggressive is fine.

I’ve gotta adapt.

I agree 100% with this statement.

You had this idea. Or someone else did. I agree with this idea.

The emails don’t bother me. I mentioned that’s what brought me back. Not that it bothers me… sorry for the confusion there. That makes more sense about why you were questioning about email. I was like, what the heck she care about my email for?

serious face

What is dead, can not die.

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