Dear Developers (regarding Special Events)

I wish they wouldn’t call beginner beginner just for this reason. People think they should be able to complete it as a newer person and that it’s unfair because high level people win. But you are right, the high level folks can probably only field teams no different than 80% of the rest of the folks with the caps.

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PS: The event doesn’t suck, the devs don’t and neither does @King_Nothing comment. Totally uncalled for.

  • it does for the players who can’t enjoy it.

  • the devs sucking, that’s a mixed bag, I am certain

  • disagree on rockstar

  • maybe uncalled for. But seems like him and others want to say “oh it’s okay because. XYZ” … but it is stupid. Yes changing the title works.

Given the amount of leveling the occurs over a month, I’m really skeptical that your “planning” for the next event made one bit of difference… would expect that just leveling your team is what mattered, or maybe getting some new / better heroes.

ESP since between Easter event and this one I progressed twice as far… with zero planning. Just stronger heroes.

Yes. Next event will be much simpler to complete. Of course. But that’s through no fault of my own, that’s just how the game is designed.


That isn’t normalized. I’ve got a spattering or not ascended level 20 3* heroes. Most veterans have level 50 3* heroes.

There’s a massive difference in effectiveness.

There’s no equivalency in the degree of challenge

And there are lots of players who still have 2* heroes in their teams. Which will require to degrade requirements even more. I don’t think that there could be a situation that will suite every single person.
New events will come. So, be prepared and max your heroes. That is the gist of the game actually.

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Chuck - I tried to address this in my original post. But the reason for me is: they should be fun. They should be something everyone can compete at and enjoy. They should engage me and make me want to play and try to get to the leaderboard.

INSTEAD what they try to do is: be fun, engage me, MAKE ME REALIZE I NEED TO SPEND MONEY TO QUICKLY GET A BETTER TEAM so that I can compete and enjoy and try to get to the leaderboard.

And what I’m saying is: that all caps part is unnecessary. It does nothing to further this game, the retention of its newest players, and importantly doesn’t impact in any meaningful way the preexisting players.

Kon. Yes. I know this. My 3* heroes are not almost maxed. They aren’t close. They won’t be for a long time. And that is OK. Im not in a race. You play these types of games with the understanding that they’re a grind, and that the grind IS the game.

Usually in this type of game, however, you can still enjoy the limited time events.

So, that’s my problem. And that’s why this post exists. You seem to have no idea what it’s like. Maybe take some once ascended heroes into the beginner tier and see how you do to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

Actually I did. I fed my 3* heroes away before the first event. So, I leveled new ones. As you progress, the leveling goes faster, so it won’t be months to max some 3*s.
They just shouldn’t call it beginner, that is why beginners think they can compete. And they should put up some rewards for finishing the first 4 levels and the first 8 , so even if someone can’t finish yet, they can aim for those rewards.


This game has hundreds of thousands of players. To expect that a newer player should be able to walk into a challenge event with a group of unleveled heroes and compete, is pretty silly.

Only after playing for 6 months am I getting to the point of somewhat competing. It’s not just new players that have it tough ranking high in the events.


I am chugging along in intermediate. Up to stage 6. May not have a lot of time to try and complete it because of commitments but I am happy with my progress in this event.

I have learned a lot of valuable info and will have stronger heros for the next one!


Zizzzy there are plenty of games that manage to do just that though. Allow players to compete on level ground. It isn’t impossible. It’s just how it’s designed. It isn’t rocket science.

If you’re fine with it. That’s great. A lot of people seem fine with it :stuck_out_tongue:

Most veterans do NOT have 50 3 star heroes. Once you get 4s and 5s, you only need a handful of 3s IF you even want to compete in the beginner events…

I think you’re missing the point Dante. They’re still better equipped than your average newbie.

(I realized I don’t actually have a 3* green guy. That is part of the barrier for me personally :p). But what I’m saying is, this is a relatively easy fix.

It is very easy to say “well you will get there one day.” And that is accurate. Just playing will get people there.

I don’t think it makes good business sense, good common sense, or is good ‘fun’ to exclude an important part of the game’s player base from limited time events “because that’s the way it has always been and eventually they will get there [if they don’t quit before then arrives].”

I wasn’t commenting or offering an opinion on what I think should be done for newbies on the Challenge event.

I was simply responding to the point above - most of the top veteran competitive (i.e. in top alliances and leaderboard) players do not have 50 or even 20 3* max heroes.

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Maxed Brienne, and whatever else is laying around :smiley:

I actually messed up an ate my only 3* healer, so my beginner team doesn’t have one. lol

Update! Did some last minute leveling and some troop leveling and then thought might as well try and see if I can do it. Just finished the beginner event, took around 10 minutes for stage 9 and another 15-20 minutes for stage 10. Chose each move very carefully. My strategy was to kill the middle minion first then kill whichever minion had less health then clear board of blue tiles and also charge heroes going into next round. Used mana potions for Belith if someone got low or charged her with tiles. Going into boss round I took out Morgan first, tried not to touch Gwen, then took out Arthur and Gwen last. I saved most of my axes and arrows for the bosses. Whenever Morgana or Arthur or Gwen got their special off I would either fire of Tyrum or Belith to debuff them. Sometimes I would have to use mana potions to charge Belith or Tyrum. Ranked around like 40-50k but hey I got that world energy flask so woot woot!
It’s definitely possible! Just be patient and take your time and strategize.
Here is my team:


Exactly, the guy who is in first in advanced has won this exact same event before as earlier he was flying the Arthur avatar and now since then has changed it to Joon so he don’t look like such a tool. Well…its not working. :joy: More power to yah man, the rich get richer and …well we know the rest.

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That guy also is a huge contributor to this forum and an asset to the community on the whole.


Lol so in this thread we have one person complaining that they can’t compete as a new player for ranking… another that doesnt give a ■■■■ about ranking, just the loot they can’t win, and another that is just jealous of the people who get the top prizes due to their dedication to the game.


People like to complain and assume things. There are a lot of players on the forum like @DMP. They are full of advice and always take the time to offer it. It is quite sad that people can’t understand that. But it is what it is.


Don’t mistake my complaint for jealousy. Far from it, im sure if i had the time and motivation i could rank in at least top 50 across the board. I have no desire to or motivation to do that in a GAME. No need for me to go quoting folks to make them look silly, but it just be nice to see different names on the leaderboard like we now see in intermediate/beginner.

The events are not made for average players such as myself and about 3/4 the population. People wanna wave their epeen all around im all for it, knock yourself out. :kissing_heart:

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