Dear Developers (regarding Special Events)

You state this like it’s a fact. It is NOT. this is your opinion.

I think you’re wrong.

Maybe this is YOUR problem that you don’t understand how to identify what is opinion versus fact, and how to acknowledge and respect others opinions.


I discussed earlier in this thread exactly why it benefited the game developers AND the player base to modify the current events instead of making new events.

I’ll let you dig through and find that discussion. I was thorough. And your ability to swing and miss on all fronts is commendable. You can probably be the next Tim Tebow.

Edit: I actually hope you continue to troll my thread. Because I think you actually make me look good here. Thank you for that.

Oh brother. Time for time out. Let’s review the Rules again and lay off the personal and/or pointed insults.



Seconded! :sunny: :slight_smile:


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I personally like the imbalance - gives me something to work for. I think if I were at the top I’d be bored.

Sleeper thank you for your addition. After hiatus we are again chugging towards 200 posts - and then we take over the world.

Personally, I took the time away to focus on meditation, my mental health, and just making myself a better version of “me.”

That feels so good to say out loud.

Moving on:

I appreciate your perspective on this. (-the most serious and important of all the issues)

I think that’s a great perspective to have.

However, I wonder what your power level is, what troops you have? At a certain point… the events are not ‘something to work at’ they’re simply not something players can enjoy at all.

Hopefully you’ll consider that this may be disappointing to some players.

May peace and love and butterflies be with you my friend. I will hold your spirit essence deep within my bosom, and feel your love and the love of all with every breath.

Until next time


I like the new you. Congrats.

I wouldn’t have it any other way friend.

Let us relax together and drink deep the draught of life. For it is good. And together we are good.

And in a field of beauty and serenity, peace and love abound in the eye of our essence that will remain for all time.

The truth that no one knows and that all behold will sustain us as we traverse the mystery of EVENTS: the blessed quagmire of our time.

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Well I for one don’t understand all the negativity for the events.
Most of my alliance from noobs to seasoned long term players find some hard and some exceedingly easy.
I was one of the many longtime players that actually fed all of their 3* hero’s to higher ones before the events started. So our whole alliance made a conscious decision in December to spend 2 weeks just levelling 3* hero’s so we could actually all finish the beginner lvl of the event.
At this point in time we were a new alliance with a few seasoned players so it was a good excercise in team bonding and bragging rights on who had what hero’s etc.
Yes we all compete in the event at beginner lvl but we compete only against ourselves. See who manages to get to the highest position but just for sheer fun in the alliance. For us it was and is a good excuse to chat discuss and of course get bragging rights.
Yes I admit it would be great to finish number 1 is it going to ever happen in reality I doubt it but it’s a learning curve and if a new player could walk in and in week 1 complete everything where would the challenge and fun be. All games in every genre or format take time and patience to learn the ropes. It would take less than 2 months playing for a person to be competitive in beginner lvl which in a game like this is actually not that long

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Yes. To learn the ropes.

The power curve restricting the learning or ability to compete aside from learning is my problem with events as currently written.

Another game I’m playing uses ELO ranking system. It’s a chess-like game. We had a player come in having never played before. He learned the ropes and became a top 10 player over months. Not years but months. (The game has been around more than a decade. Most top players have played for many years.)

The guy has a lot of talent and a long history with turn based strategy so he was able to acclimate quickly.

I’m not even saying this game has to have that level of fairness. Because, let’s call a duck a duck. It is what it is.

But, personally, I feel that it is fair and equitable to say that for limited time events, that are going away and not coming back for a long time… the developers should want to include everyone.

I’m glad that you and your clan were able to find a way to enjoy the event despite not being ‘properly’ geared for it. Though in truth, where you guys are is still above where most F2P first month players are. Probably second month as well.

But you know. Butterflies and hugs and angelic kisses to you my friend. Together we shall rid the world of the megatoxic evil that is hatred. Only together can we vanquish the night and bring glory and righteousness to the downtrodden

I can understand your point about being able to compete in events but surely the fact that you know an event will return in a few months is an incentive to work towards achieving a goal.
My alliance/clan was started at the end of November last year because of disagreement with the leader enough said.
Myself and one other started it purely to put the fun back into the game since that time yes we have had another 3 from our old alliance join us but that was their personal choice.
Our sole purpose from day one was to act as a training alliance passing on our knowledge of the game and we still have over 50% that have been with us from the first days of them playing the game the majority of them are f2p and have grown steadily and learnt a huge amount. In fact we won a war by 1 point scored by our lowest player and that was throwing their best team into battle all for the alliance not for their own personal gain.
Yes in our alliance we have players that spend money that is their choice. Myself I will happily admit my entertainment budget is £10 per month on games. I don’t go regularly to a bar like some do but that sum is less than 3 beers in the UK. We also have one high lvl player that has not spent a single penny on the game and are just happy to play it is all just time.
This game is one that takes time to achieve anything and I for one hope this doesn’t change


Here’s the problem:

  • the “goal” is to level up 3* heroes.

  • my current goal, and the goal of many newer (especially F2P) players, is to level up 3* heroes.

  • with wars existing, leveling 3* heroes is important regardless of events. I’m not leveling JUST for events.

And yes, “an event” will come around again eventually. But in the meantime, new players miss out on existing events when they really don’t have to (in my opinion).

Sunshine and joy to you for sharing the story of your clan’s genesis and ongoing odyssey. Certainly The ascension of your tribe shall be regaled in the bard’s song. Please do continue to tribute these treasured trinkets

Let’s call an RPG… RPG.
I don’t think in WoW a lv1 player can do much things.


Game design, even in RPGs doesn’t have to exclude players from seasonal or limited time events.

Destiny does not, and that’s every bit or more an RPG as this game is.

I’m sure there are plenty of examples.

Besides. Do you really want to live in a world of:

“They do it so we have to, too?”

Can’t we join hands, friend, and sing tales around the fire while we hug and hold one another in triumph and love?

I am just here to read the comments now…

but to be fair in any game no matter what genre you have to earn your stripes. And in this game it is evident everywhere. I can’t upgrade a storage or a TC without meeting the requirements. Think of it like that.

When I started I tried every event. And everytime I got a little farther. That was my goal. And after roughly 3 months I was able to complete Intermediate of this last event. My goal was actually just to complete 5 or 6 stages but I kept on trucking. I lost only 2 stages once. Went in with a better plan and came out a winner.

The game is a grind, if there are no goals in sight or no things out of your reach it becomes tedious. As it is for some of the top players I assume. There is no winner or loser in this game and that’s the great thing about it.

There is always a goal and that is the way it should be!

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The point is my hippie friend, all this game have as a goal heroes.
Collect them and farming them up to the top. Nothing more.
All the rewards are basically tied to this.
Get new heroes and upgrade them to show them and use them, especially in the most rewarded event of all (aka, monthly event)
And you are surprised that people don’t want to giving up on the main reason they play this game?

People want to have that advantage, because they “work” for it.

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'Nom Assed Day, friend.

Pull up a cushion and let us relax our mind and spirits together.

There can be no question in the Wisdom and power that we should continue to endlessly share our experience and perspective with one another. In this spirit of love and bliss together we weave wistfully into the dawning of the benefit of all man.

As you say again, for those defunct in recollection, your pursuit of this challenge called life is defined by your vision for the rapture that is overcoming a challenge.

In this your veracity shines, to be revered by those barren sloughs lacking sight.

For those mere husks of humanity who lack thine pristine vision, we can but hope that sometime, somehow, someway, they shall emerge into the glory of thine visage renewed with hope and valor to face the challenges wrought by the creators.

Until that time, I humbly plead upon the behalf of those downtrodden, and upon my own weak countenance, that thou should see fit to properly considerith mine plight, and consider earnestly the impact of thine goodwill towards mine weakness.