Dear Developers (regarding Special Events)

Yesssss. This is fine here. Can’t call someone a fart knocker. That crosses the line.

But passive aggressive is fine.

I’ve gotta adapt.

I agree 100% with this statement.

You had this idea. Or someone else did. I agree with this idea.

The emails don’t bother me. I mentioned that’s what brought me back. Not that it bothers me… sorry for the confusion there. That makes more sense about why you were questioning about email. I was like, what the heck she care about my email for?

serious face

What is dead, can not die.

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Rather then see this lack of “cap limit” as a nuisance, see it as a preview.
You can see how this events are made and make you an idea how to grow to beat them in a near future.
Because yes, i guess your problem is that you really don’t understand how this games make you involved when we talk about time spent playing.
Can’t be competitive for 2-3 months is really nothing considering that you can stay here for years.
That’s not a hit and run game. You can’t conclude anything in a pair of months.
And thats why months are nothing in this game.

You talking about FF7. I’m a huge fan of final fantasy saga (even if i’m still more attached on FF8)
To complete that games (100%) you need something like… 120 hrs at max?

If we make a comparison, it’s like you can’t enjoy them for the first… 5 minutes?

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Firstly, you’ve misread ironic intent into my sincerely intended statement. Posts like yours are a joy and I would grieve if they disappeared. There’s nothing passive aggressive about that: you’re letting cynicism overcome you.

And secondly, yes passive aggression is fine, by my reading of the forum rules. Name calling is not fine. Check them out.


I did check them out. I read a lot :slight_smile:

… I uhhhh. You enjoy this ? Should you be like, paying me or something?

I’m sad to say that I played Clash of Clans for more than a year. (Didn’t spend a dollar, though!). So I very much understand the underlying mechanics of this game.

Additionally, I told my wife when we started that this game was meant to be played over years, and that she shouldn’t get too low on bad individual pulls because if she got a good team now there wouldn’t be anything to grind at over time.

So, basically, yes I get it.

And by and large I’m fine with the setup and the premise.

I think because the underlying mechanics are so simplistic, coupled with the limited time event nature of events, makes me believe 100% that these shouldn’t be kept away from any portion of the player base.

And that’s where we disagree. Which is fine. But you are not going to change my mind.( And all of the things you presumed are false. )

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I’m not sure I’d spend for you. But I’m delighted you contribute.

I’m fine with it.
You understand my (ours) point and i understand yours even if we agree to disagree.
But we had a much more civil discussion right now and i’m happy just with that.

I guess (and hope) none of this comments gets flagged :wink:

You just want all the people enjoy the events, and thats kinda cute.

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My two cents.

Many solid 3* heroes teams can be built by playing 2 month, a short time for this game.
Items are easy to come by (expecially for beginners tier) and are not such a problem.

The incentive should be playing the content itself (I’m not a fan of 8.7 and autoplay)

2 months of playing the game could settle this point but following your suggestion would disincentivize keeping 3* heroes.

Everyone can compete for the first spot with enough dedication, preparation and resources.
Why penalize seasoned players who want to compete when a great % of the game include resources management?

Tier rewards could need changes to “share wealth”, they could improve the rewards system in the future.

They already do this with event summons and there’s no partecipation limit. But even if everyone can compete (and everyone want prizes, me included) only few can be winners in the end.

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I agree.

Prizes and rewards shouldn’t be the be-all end-all. In fact. When you realize that’s the ONLY reason you’re doing something, that’s the single strongest indicator imho that you should absolutely stop doing it.

The moment you’re hitting “play again” hoping to win, but feeling weary at the process… that’s the moment you should quit. (Or before then. But it takes a while to realize.)

It doesn’t mean you never come back… but yeah. Take a break at least.

Anyway, I point to this because one-two months of playing a match3 game daily, or multiple times a day, is very repetitive. Even if there’s a level of enjoyment and growth there. It’s still repetitive.

Events pose a nice break from that. And yeah. That’s my opinion here. Everyone should be enjoying that.

Regarding the rest of your post… I’m sorry I’m not responding to it. I feel that’s all been covered before.


An excellent addition to the thread.

When the minstrel weaves the tale of this epic saga, I’m certain they’ll include vivid imagery of Sir Rook the Technically Contributed.

“For he was there!!! Oooooooohhh he was there. Sure he didn’t say much. But he was thereeeeeee”

“And Bob was there too.”

But don’t forget


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That’s Lady Rook (a feline), for the technically inclined.

And in answer to your questions earlier why seemingly only your posts get the axe, it’s generally a matter of who meets the standard of violating the rules, and I do apologize for veering wildly off-topic.

I shall now go give myself the axe. :wink:


Back to topic:

  1. “Normalizing Hero strength” for Beginning Events. - No, “Beginner” Events are misnamed, should be renamed, and therefore the problem isn’t where you think it is.

  2. “Rewards for this tier suck” - No argument.

  3. “[Devs] could create an environment that…allows all players to compete” - They do. The game starts with the map, then Titans for those who join Alliances, then Raid for those who level their Watchtower, then Rare Quests (the last two sections only beatable as you level), then Events, then War. The Devs continue to add new content, but not all of it is immediately accessible by new players, in the same way that a regular man on the street isn’t ready to “compete” against Usain Bolt for a quick sprint at the local track.

The request that Events—created to address existing player boredom—also cater to new player levels isn’t possible. It might be possible to create a separate level for new players, but that would be akin to creating a kiddie pool, whereas you seem to be requesting that new players play at the same level as Usain Bolt. :wink:


More like Usain Bolt be handicapped and forced to compete at the same level as the newbies.

So, you want separate event for newbies? You already have one. It’s called world map )))

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That was more or less my point.

No @b_raven, he would like the events to be all inclusive so no one is left out. I admit I understand this impulse, though I disagree, from the standpoint of where Events actually are in game.

I would however very much like a name change, as “Beginner” is wildly misleading.


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