Dear Developers (regarding Special Events)

Hi! My wife and I joined this game a while back. We have enjoyed aspects of this game.

The alliance wars seem well devised and implemented. The titans are fun for our alliance.

However, what I can not wrap my head around is the balancing of your “Events.” These seem like a great opportunity to really engage the player base - not just the die-hards with full teams of the ideal 3* heroes and surplus items laying around to burn through.

There’s zero incentive for me to TRY to work through this event. Or the last event. Which is a darned shame because you’ve added in some interesting game mechanics.

What I’m working towards: why not normalize hero strength, at least, for these events - AT least at the BEGINNER levels. I appreciate that you introduced this tier, but we are at 2000 and 2200 power and neither of us can make it through the beginner tier. The rewards for completing the tier suck anyway, of course.

So you’ve got “events” and your new players can’t compete for the Top X player rewards because those spots are owned by fully spec’d players. And the tier rewards suck. And to really ensure that we won’t pursue it IT ISNT even possible for new players.

I get that monetizing this game is your top priority. But you could easily create an environment that promotes players buying limited time only characters AND allows ALL players to compete in these Limited Events.

I don’t expect you’ll address this meaningfully at all. But hey, worth a shot.


I do agree to an extent. The events don’t suck but the qualifications do.

I thought I’d be able to get through or pretty far in intermediate (don’t have enough 3’s to do beginner currently). I have no maxed hero’s just fed my 3’s early on and trying to recover. Top team is ~2900. So I fall into a gray area.

The rewards are exactly that. Not sure why people complain so much. It is a competition to give players something else to do. I am happy with whatever I get. The game is a grind and everything will never be perfect.

There is a new complaint everyday. Essentially it mostly sounds like people just want the game to be easier for them.

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“Easier?” I mean. It’s a connect three game. There are probably new complaints every day because there is a lot that could be better.

The development team has to decide what’s best to draw revenue from a frequently cycling player base while trying as a side objective to retain some players.

So I’m saying to them. Keep the same systems for the top tier players. But for the players who might be interested in your events but literally can not complete them because your arbitrarily set power levels are far too high for beginner level players, you should get rid of the effects of attack and defense / power entirely. Let players at the beginner level play through the scenario, and you can set the difficulty for those stages to an equivalent level for ALL players, allowing ALL players to complete and enjoy the event.

I wouldn’t expect amazing awards for the beginner tier, either way. And I don’t expect easy. But possible sure would be nice.

TLDR; your response sucked and is a cop-out for the problem I’ve identified. It isn’t a solution. It isn’t much of anything.


My wife and I play the game as well. We don’t even bother with the event. My wife has the stronger team and she can even get past the 3rd stage of beginner.


This event and the event last month are THE hardest of the events. There also has to be something to keep the longtime players busy. This event kicked my behind in January, but it got me to focus on leveling heros and learning strategy. I got MUCH farther this time which feels great. I am not a top tier player btw.


What I’m suggesting would actually be better for long time players.

Right now if you’re ‘too strong’ then beginner level of events is too easy and you just fast forward through it. This would allow for some scalable challenge for all.

The other tiers could remain the same.

This game isn’t doing enough ground breaking stuff to make a newbie say: “WOA. I don’t even care I can’t participate in these events because there’s so much awesome here!” … so again, that’s my opinion. There’s a fix there.

I’m actually a newbie about a month and a half into this game, my team is barely leveled, only have a leveled up Bane, Renfeld, semi leveled Tyrum, Jahangir, and using a green 3* trainer hero, Team power comes to around 2000-2100. Currently on stage 9 and decided to take a break and try to level up my heroes some more before I continue onwards. Having fun so far, it is challenging but I think it’s doable with some preplanning and some strategy during the puzzle itself. I’ll let you know how it goes. Also, what items are you using and what heroes. I actually have 2 fully leveled Blues, Valen and Ulmer but I knew there was no use bringing them because of the reflect.

Edit: Are you just trying to finish the event or actually trying to get into one of the higher ranks?


For me personally, I just wanted to complete each stage. I do not have a lot of choices in 3* heroes as I fed all of them to my 4* heroes (don’t do that if you enjoy beginner tier in events, lol). I ended up using maxed Brienne, Belith, gan Ju, Tyrum, jahangir. I did not take a blue hero. I ended up having to use arrows and bombs, and also used a few small mana pots and health potions.

You can’t be “too strong” for a tier, since you are limited in using 3/4/5* heroes. Of course, players who have more than 5 maxed 3* heroes and can vary their team are in a better position, but game can’t please everyone. If one wins, other looses.

I passed through the beginner tier with a team of 2207 strength. Not in the top 100, but at least I’ve completed the tier. :slight_smile:


Despite the word “beginner” that tier used to be the hardest of all 3 in the past.
You don’t have tons of buffers/defence debuffers/element debuffers/mana related hero among 3*, so the word “beginner” has the meaning of lowest limitations, and not “more easy”.

Events need to be hard in all the aspects, so if you can’t be competitive at first it’s only normal, even on beginners.

Just track your score and try to improve everytime :slightly_smiling_face:
Events are much more enjoyable if you take it easy.


I got past all 10 stages of intermediate, with 0 maxed 4* people. 4/5 troops were lvl 1. Its about the teams and battle items used.

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A true beginner can’t complete beginner, that is correct, but the more experienced players are also limited to 3* heroes, 2* troops and cheap battle items. Sure, they have a greater pick of heroes, but that is the only difference. So if you do have 5 (almost) maxed 3*, there is no reason why you couldn’t complete beginner.

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Having fun with Events takes time and preparation. Events happen once a month, so after the game kicked your behind on one Event, you can prepare for the next.

Preparation means leveling your heroes and thinking ahead. To beat the Beginner you basically have to have 2 rainbow teams of 3* (2 of each color). This way you can be prepared for the color deflect each of the events has. So for Avalon you let your 3* Blue rest and take other heroes with you, meaning there would be 2x one color. Avalon is a pain for me because I have only 1 3* green and it’s not really good.

In a prefect world, your 3* team would have at least one hero of each special. So 1 healer, 1 debuffer (clears buffs from enemies), 1 buffer (+ attack/defense or mana buff), 1 sniper and so on. It gets trickier with 4* and 5* since some of the heroes have “special” specials (mostly HOtM heroes).

In battle, chosing which color to double can be easier if you know the bosses at the end of each level. I think there is a sheet of that somewhere with all boses listed. So if the boss is Morgan (green hero), you can take 2 red heroes to deal some extra tiles damage. Most of Avalon bosses/heroes cast buffs on their allies (+ mana, + health) so it’s wise to take a debuffer with you. 3* are Belith, Tyrum aaand some other heroes too (I think).

It all depends on the heores you have, you have to learn how to work with them.


First time I did an event… I wasn’t able to finish. I watched, learned, and trained my heroes as best I could. Which battle items does my team need? What opponents am I up against? Which heroes should I level to get the best out of what I have? Next event I was ready. That is what makes it fun. The planning, the strategy and finally (and for you too, it will come) victory. With the right set of heroes, and there are many many winning combinations, the event is very doable. And if you’re not able to beat it yet, wait, build and beat it the next time.

One thing I can agree on is the title ‘beginner’. It doesn’t reflect the expectations. Maybe rename them 3*/4*/5*.

PS: The event doesn’t suck, the devs don’t and neither does @Rockstar9280 comment. Totally uncalled for.


It’s ignorant and silly to think a new random team of 3 stars should be able to compete for top tier rewards against people who can build well synergized teams and have game experience. May as well just make it a lottery.

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I’m not sure why people get worked up over completing beginner tier…unless you plan on getting into top 10, beginner loot is worthless crap…save yourself the headache and just go farm the map.


Just for fun. :wink: And, perhaps, to practice with available 3*.

What I hate about the event is the leaderboard reward system. How the strong get stronger and the average Joe gets nothing. What’s funny is that those who win (no offense to you 7DD gang) don’t even need the extra hidden blade and already own Guin three times already.

They should lotto it up, for everyone who participated with different amounts of entries depending on your leaderboard result.

I finished intermediate and I’m barely in the top 10000, I’m not going to run for top 500 for ONE epic troop token lol.


I agree. I also wrote about it in another topic. All those precious items are mostly wanted by players who are not strong enough to win them. So, to my mind, it would be more attractive to have something not farmable at levels 9 or 10 of each tier, like in rare quests.


What I’m working towards: why not normalize hero strength, at least, for these events - AT least at the BEGINNER levels.

Beginner is normalized with level 50 3* heroes, 2* troops, and 2* battle items.

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