Deals Extra Damage against *element*

Release Notes 1.8 says: Certain Special Skills deal extra damage against opposing elements. This effect is decreased from 150% to 140%. Heroes currently affected : Hel & Athena.

Now, I have questions about this and need verification on what this special skill affects? I’ll use Zeline as our example:

  1. Zeline does 143% damage to all enemies… does that mean she’s doing 183% damage to all Ice enemies with this ability?
  2. Zeline’s troops do 200% to Ice enemies, does this mean it actually does 240%, or 280% instead?

Are we talking about a full +40% buff to Emerald Flash damage AND troops? Or is it just affecting the special?


The skills that deal extra damage to x color state so specifically in their descriptions.

Alright, so what that means is:

Zeline’s troops will still do 200% damage to Ice enemies, and her special will still do 143% damage to all enemies except Ice, which will pump out 183% damage? Correct interpretation?

Does her ability specifically state “deals additional damage against ice enemies”? If so then the correct formula for base damage against ice enemies would be 143% of attack * 1.5 (as by your patch notes zeline is not affected by the Nerf. If she was you can multiply by 1.4 instead) . You could then divide by the opposition’s defense differential to get a rough damage estimate.

Zeline was added on February of 2018, and the only heroes out at the time that had this ability was Hel and Athena. After the patch Natalya, Zeline, and Gravemaker have been added, and should not be 150%, as the ability was nerfed on a whole, and not as a stand only for just those two heroes.

Correct damage interpretation is following:
Zeline does 764 damage, and Emerald Flash at 143% will be 764 * 1.43 for 1092 damage.
Once that damage is calculated, it checks to see if any enemies is Ice, and will do 1092 * 1.4 for 1528 damage.
Not the 764 * 1.83 for 1398 damage I was thinking…

It’s weird they have to state that in an ability, but elemental weakness does not affect special skills, and only troops. Hence my confusion on whether this was a Emerald Flash only adjustment or for Zeline’s hero as a whole (including troops). I think this clears up a lot of my confusion, thanks Tyler.


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Question is how long that extra damage against X element last? It is with special skill but nowhere is written how many turns.

If it is “elemental link” (like Alasie) it lasts a specified number of turns. Only affects the heros of that color, with regards to damage dealt/received.

If it is hero specific “special elemental damage” (like Zeline), it only affects the special attack and is always there.

I’m really sorry, still can not understand. Gravamker has - deals extra damage against Nature. Is it one time extra damage or is it permanent? Confusion is because it is under Gravemaker’s (Zeline etc.) Special skill. When that extra damage is happening? All the time or when Special skill is activated? If second, how long it last? Just first hit? Or how long?

It affects JUST the special skill as I understand it. So there are no turns to count because tile dmg is not affected. But special ability is affected all turns i guess(for dot)?

Ok, lets take Gravemaker as the example.

Tiles damage:
This is exactly as for every other hero. Strong, neutral and weak. There is no card specific bonus for this.

Special ability damage:
Scenario 1:
Use his special on anything NOT green. It does exactly the damage stated on the card. The fire DoT and the initial damage.

Ex1: Hits a purple hero for 1000 damage.

Scenario 2:
Use his special on a green enemy. The initial damage and fire DoT is 20% higher than in scenario 1.

Ex2: Hits a green hero for 1000*1.2 = 1200 damage.

Only the damage from the special ability is increased by 20%.

Tiles are NOT affected.


Thanks for explanation. Now it is clear to me. Thanks other guys too :slight_smile:

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