Deals between Clan Members

It’d be nice if you could gift or trade heroes with other clan members. The hero would start back at Level 1. It would really help out allies; epecially if someone is new to the game or to a clan.

You could limit the stars a player can trade based on either the player’s level, his training ground or stronghold.

If you did levels or strongholds you could base the star.
Level 1-5 = up to 2 stars
6-10= up to 3 stars
11-15= up to 4 stars
16+ = 5 stars

You could go through the route of straight up trades, you base it on team cost. The trade would have to match. If Player A has a hero with a cost of 15, then Player B would have to trade as many players to reach at least 15 with a maximum of 3 heros can be traded at a time. You’d also have to bear in mind the player’s hero cap.

You could also add a “cooldown” which would limit the time between trades or gifts. The “cooldown” could be circumvented by spending gems, say 20.

You could also have another “cooldown” which sets a limit between how long between two allies trading with each other. If you wanted, you could have a “price” of, say, 25 gems per trade.

You could also have it were trade tokens could be earned in wars, titan drops or special missions.

You could have special events which, if completed, the player gets a special token to allow them to ignore all of the trading rules. In a situation like that BOTH parties would need that special token.

If you wanted, you could sell trade tokens in a limited time sales event and limit the amount they can buy.

If you decide to do this, can I create a hero or maybe get a few “free” trades?

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