Dealing with duplicate heroes

I know the complaint is people are gambling away real money and getting multiples of the same hero, I myself have had 8 Rigards 4 Kashreks 4 BoldTusk and countless others at this point, I find it hard to invest and support the developers when things just repeat themselves. Turning these Heroes into feeders is also not really worth it. making it a waste of cash as TC 20 yields somewhat similar results. Would you not consider a trade in of say 15-20 four star characters for a random five star & the same could equally be done with 3 star in order to get a 4 star. Thats my 2 cents as I think it will help profit but also keep players interested as we are losing alliances and p[layers more and more these days.

I dunno, I’ve gotten about 100 Gil ra’s and they have all went to feeding Gil ra…which is why she is maxed out right now…That’s what I tend to do with my doubles that I pull…No guarantees in this game, it’s a roll of the dice every time

Look at it this way , SG thanks you very much for your donation.


Precisely my point, you can only roll the dice so many times before you get fed up and leave. 4 TC 11 allows you to feed most characters to the max as well as TC 19 in a good time frame. The feeder special system has been fixed which is nice as that was a real pain. I think @Ozy1 said it best thank you very much for your donation. Sad but true.

My only suggestion then is be free to play and be happy with what comes out of the training camps…I’ve known others who have very little luck when it comes to summoning…I on the other hand have been quite fortunate…Two sides to every coin.

Save and to get 100% of probability of upgrading the hero’s ability when it will reach the top level. I do like that, at the moment.

Mostly the specials are maxed when the hero gets max.

I like the suggestion to change several 4s to get a 5 or 3s to get a 4.

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