Deal time again – when was the last 250 gem deal for a hero and troop token?

have a question can anyone remember the last time they saw the 250 gem deal that had hero and troop token racking my brain to remember feels like last year sometime used to be every month feels like it was before Atlantis

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Beginning of the nfl season is the last I remember. I am surprised they haven’t come back.

A little sad to be honest.

I can’t afford to be tempted as I’m saving up for a ten pull before Avalon :joy:

But yes it’s been a while

I dont even remember when the last 250 gem offer general the offers and deals are waaayyy too expensive for what they offer

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250 gem offer? Never again.

i heard different deals for different people thought it was just my alliance and yes tempt me i need the gold in my life

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