Deadly Souls - Active alliance - 2400 trophy min - 3 openings - 14 star titans

Well, pretty much everyone in our alliance bought the mythic titan deal. Benefits of an active alliance, perks.

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Still looking for some people to fill some empty spots. We easily get back to 14 star titans with another 3 or 4 good titan hitters. For now, constant on 12s and rare 13s.

Just over rank 1000 on the mythic titan and that’s with 7 spots open basically. We are a strong group, with a few more we will be back to being sub 1000 on mythic titans again.

Active line group too if you’re into that stuff.

Our alliance had some good luck this morning in the new portal. Nice to see some new useful heros.

Or maybe you shouldn’t join. We have sickos like this in our alliance…

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Still looking for members.

Another war win, that is 5th in a row.

Awesome players in this alliance I’ve gained over 12 levels in under 3 months (from 36-58) win play hard and win :slight_smile:

7 spots open rn !

À qui la chance !?

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How should people apply?

2600 + cups atm


We recently had 4 or 5 people reach out on line to us about joining. Are you one of those? IF not, you can reach out to me on line, or you can just go ahead and request to join. Looks like after this war ends we will be gaining a few people, might only have 2 spots left.

Thanks. I have found a home for now. If it doesn’t work out i will check back here.

Thanks for replying.


2 spots available. The war win streak is now 8. Killed the last two 14 star titans with over 8 hours left. Great group of folks in this alliance, don’t miss out.

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