Deadly Souls - Active alliance - 2400 trophy min - 3 openings - 14 star titans

Another war win. 1 spot still free for an active player. Don’t be afraid of the big titans, they really aren’t that bad, and give better loot on a c grade than a 9 or 10 star gives on an A grade.

Get in on these 14 star titans we have been killing

Still got a spot open for an active player.

Got a member that’s going to be taking a break from the game so a spot will be opening up after the mythic titan event. If interested in reserving the spot shoot myself or lizard a line message.

J2hb, if you read this please try joining again. I fat fingered decline instead of accept. Sorry.

We got 1 spot to fill. Chatty friendly and competitive bunch. We are on 14 star titans.
We expect full participation on titans and all war flags used.
Don’t be afraid of the big titans, you don’t got to be able to do 100k in one hit, just be active and use all your flags and you will contribute in a meaningful way.

Still got a spot open. This war will fill the chest so perfect time to join.

Friendly competitive atmosphere where we all push each other to do better.
This 14 star titan went down with 8 hours to spare.
We don’t ask a lot, be active, hit the titan and use war flags unless opted out. That’s pretty much it.

War chest reset. Was a great war win, all flags used, teamwork got us 3 flips and the opponent never really got close after that. We’ve got one spot for an active player, jump in before the next matchup is set!

Still a spot open. A day later and one more dead 14 star titan with time to spare. Join a winning group

Still a spot open. We are killing most 14s with ease now.
Don’t miss your chance to join a winning team.

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I’ve been playing daily since NYE 2020-21 :slight_smile:
I keep getting stronger would love to get a chance to play with all of you!

100% participation in wars

Was full for a bit but had a member leave today. Still killing all 14 star titans except holy. We seem to struggle on those and just not worth the resources it takes to get them. All other color 14s go down with several hours to spare.

Come join a winning team.

Bump. Group of 29 competitive yet friendly players seeking one other active player.

Hey. I’m interested. Still got a spot open? I’m looking to transfer alliances in the next few days. Expecting a rare titan in my current group since it’s been awhile but thinking of leaving it tomorrow anyways if still no rare. I got 4722 raid defense team. 20 5* heroes that are +20, plus another 12 5* that are +1 talent. I also have 4 that are 3.70 and waiting and 4 more leveling on the side, plus maxed 3 and 4 stars as well. I’m looking for a more active group.

Hoping you check back soon.

Sorry i don’t check this as often as i should. Shoot me a line message. My line id is spyder7723. Or just click the join button in game. We don’t really refuse anyone ever, everyone gets a chance to show they are willing to be active and try to contribute. Which, with that roster you obviously can assuming you use your flags.

Edit to add: the next titan spawns in 2 hours and 45 minutes from now (833 am est) if you can get in before then so you get a decent loot.

Still got a spot open. Get in before match making to take part in war

Update. Had a member take a break from the game today so two spots free. Bring a friend.

Okay. I’m joining in a few hours later today for sure. Giving them enough of an advance notice before disbanding the group. There was a strong player I could’ve brought with me but I think he already left. I think there’s still a couple people that haven’t been online yet to get the notice.

Edit: Of the 4 that remain, I think only one of them is semi-active.

Back to work I go now. End of lunch break. I get off at 1pm EST. If nothing unexpected comes up, I should be back on between 2-3pm to join. I’ll message you next time I’m online.

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