Deadly Souls - Active alliance - 1 opening - 14 star titans - sub 1k alliance rank

Great war victory for us! Blue cant claim the top spot this time. Mr.beast gets that title! We had quite a few new members with us for this war, and we all performed great!

War chest has reset too for us, so now is a perfect time to get in and join us! :smiley:

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3 openings available :smiley:

Would you be willing to take an active newbie? (Been playing 20 days). I don’t have a strong or deep roster yet, but I will with time and im using g all flags to speed the roster growth.


Welcome to the Alliance Spyder :smiley:
We’ve had new players join us and grow with us into very strong players. I was one of them! Although to some standards, I’m not sure if I would be considered “good” haha

2 spots open now :slight_smile:

Thanks for having me guys. Very impressed with the activity level and friendly atmosphere.

Thanks Spyder, we like to have fun.

8 hours until war matchmaking is over! So get in before then if you want to participate in this war :slight_smile:
Some new faces compared to last war, but even with the new faces in last war, we killed it! Looking forward to killing it again!

War is going well, so are our titans. Lots of chat in the Alliance lately. If that’s your thing, join on up!
The last few members we’ve gotten have mentioned how nice it is that there are actually people on and playing the game in our alliance. Always someone on to answer questions or vent to when you get those tall boots from your elemental chest haha! :smiley:

Another war victory for us :slight_smile:

Looking forward to fighting in the next war hopefully with a few new faces alongside us :smiley:

We got TWO more slots till be are full join now! Current titan about to go down. Next one should be 9*!

A new 9 star yellow titan just spawned for us. Come join us and help us destroy the winged beast!

Took out that 9 star pretty well. Got a 10 star now.

Got close on the 10, but not quite there yet. Join us and help us start getting those 10s!

Dragon rooster titan with the mysterious tonic bonus chance right now. Just spawned. If you were waiting for a sign on whether or not you should join and you need that tonic, now might be your time! :smiley:

The rooster was destroyed. I think 4 of us got the tonic. Hope to see you for the next one!

Won our last war again, about to kill it again with this war! Hope to see you on the battlefield soon!

Won again! :smiley:

Gained 2 new faces today after war. welcome to the alliance!
We also had to remove 1 due to inactivity, which leaves us with a basically full alliance of fully active members!

1 spot left open :slight_smile:

Still have 1 spot left :slight_smile:

Another war victory for us! Had to remove 2 members who had not been using all their flags. So we have a couple spots open now. This is a strong active alliance. All we ask is to use all your flags If you opt in, and hit the titan if you log in.

That leaves us now with only active players. The players who only contributed sporadically are gone. Now is a good time to get in on an almost full fully active alliance :slight_smile:

Killed our first 10 star titan last night! Good effort by everyone. Join us and help us take out more 10 stars! :smiley:

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