Deadly Souls - Active alliance - 1 opening - 14 star titans - sub 1k alliance rank

You will be welcome at any time.

Sent request to join.

Welcome aboard.

One spot left to fill.

btw. Do you mostly use Line to talk? I noticed my messages are being deleted.

Yes most of us are in line. Avoid issues with the games chat. Shoot me a line message and I’ll invite you to our group

Okay. I actually don’t have Line. heh. I’ll download it now.

Hold on. I created account. It’s set up. I need to get meatloaf out of the oven first and then I’ll send you a message.

With death joining, we are back to only one free spot. Come join an active titan killing alliance.

We kicked some serious butt in this war. Won by 998 points. Had another spot open up, so room for 2 that want an active alliance that kills titans and wins wars.

Still 2 spots open. Get in before matchmaking to take part in the next war.

Still 2 spots open. If you are tired of losing titans then join a winning team and get better loot.

Bump. spots open for active players.

Spyder, stop spamming. =/ lol

Anyways, we still have 2 spots open. It’s a fun and friendly group and frequently kill 13-14 star titans. 2 good heavy hitters and should easily maintain 14 star titans.

Still room for active players that want to start killing bigger titans. The only titan that gets away from us is 14 holy.

2 spots free.

Won our war by 1154 points. Huge win that filled the chest. A fresh war chest is the perfect time to join if you are tired of losing wars to people not using flags.

We are a very active bunch that never has war flags unused and we kill every titan except for regular holy 14s. Still need one or two more players with decent dark teams to kill them without having to use flasks so for now we just let them go and save the flasks in case we need them on rares.

Bump. Still 2 spots free.

2 spots. Fresh war chest. Join before match making to get full participation on the war chest.

Won our war. Still crushing titans. 2 spots free.

Inactive alliance? Looking to make a change? We have 2 spots free. We’re a friendly helpful group of active daily players. Everyone uses all war flags, and we’re currently taking down 14* titans like this sweet kitty right here. If you’d like to join us, just request in game.

And kitty is dead with plenty of time to spare.