Deadly Souls - Active alliance - 1 opening - 14 star titans - sub 1k alliance rank

War is about to start, always a fun time.
We make sure to use all of our flags because nothing is more annoying then losing by a few points when members in your alliance still had flags. Pair that with being able to get Aethers from war loot, we make sure we do our best.

Feel free to join if you’re sick of your alliance just phoning it in for wars.

War is going well. We like to hit hard in the beginning, not a big fan of this whole wait around and pick off lesser teams first. More of a free for all which has been quite successful for us.

When we are full (or close to full) we also track war defense which helps our members analyze which teams work best for certain war types.

Gonna be close but looks like we have won this war too. Feel free to join if you’re looking for a change to an alliance full of good friends and people who use their titan hits and war flags!

Won our war and taking down this 13 no real problem even missing 6 people.

Rare 13 star chicken going down quick.

Rare 13 almost dead. Hopefully it’s generous with the tonics.

Couple of us got the tonic, but the most important member, me, did not! LOL

Still looking for active members. If you’re someone who doesn’t use line, that’s fine. But make sure you are at least going to pay attention to the game chat.

Close war for us this time. Near even in score and both teams down to final few flags. These are the fun ones.

Welcome to the new member!

Still looking for members. Had to clean out some that were not good fits. 12 star titans going down quick, will stay at these until we start getting some more members.

We are all busy farming Atlantis. Lots of level ups today in the alliance.

Yep, lots of level ups getting those mats to keep dropping titans. Still a few spots left, plenty of time to get in before the weekend to join the weekend war, always full participation and lots of laughs.

Titans go down way too quick during Atlantis. Too many level ups!

Several spots open in our group of active, laid back ppl. We’re English language, various time zones, and various personality types lol but all are friendly and helpful.

We don’t have strict entry requirements like some. Our main requests are activity, communication, and teamwork when it comes to titans and wars. We use all war flags or opt out, and regularly hit the titan, so we ask that you do too. Currently on 12* titans, normally handle all 14*s except dark when full. We like it when people stay informed, so we use line chat for info, advice, etc. If that’s not for you, we ask you make sure to read the featured message. And let us know if you have an issue or a question! Someone’s always willing to help out.

If you’d like to know more, you can line message roaminglizard, or just request to join us.

If you’re looking to join a fun active community of friends, we are the place for you.

Bump bump bump
Join now and you too may be eligible for free loot every time we kill a titan!

War is going well, titans are dropping quick. Just looking for a few more to help us get back to 14s.

Won our war quite spectacularly.

Had a 13 star rare. Down it went. No darts for me though.

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