Deadly Souls - Active alliance - 1 opening - 14 star titans - sub 1k alliance rank

Line: roaminglizard

Deadly Souls is an alliance that has been around for nearly 2 years now! We have a great community of friends here and are looking to fill an open spot.
We don’t coordinate war tanks. 9 war winning streak currently.

We take down mainly 14s titans. Sometimes end up passing on a green or yellow depending on spawn time. When we are full we should be back to stringing 14s.

Our members are very active, all we ask is you use your titan attacks when you log in, and use all your war flags if you opt in. If you aren’t going to be available for war, simply opt out. Otherwise, we are an easy going active and fun alliance!

Nothing more annoying than someone who logs in multiple times during the day and never hits the titan. Those players don’t last long in our alliance. Titan hitting IS A MUST!

Looking forward to seeing you in game!

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Looking for something new myself. Do you have a war strategy? Colour co-ordinate tanks? Do you always use all war flags? Use Line etc. Cheers

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We have been playing around with coordinating tanks. Lots of us have Telluria, so we are trying out green tanks. but in the past, we’ve also just gone with using whoever is your best tank with good success. For the most part we try to get an early flip in and use up our attacks. We always use up our war energy, using war energy and titan attacks is all we really ask :slight_smile:
And yes, we do have line also, but it’s not mandatory.


We also might be interested in merging with a smaller alliance as we have 10 open spots right now. So if that fits for you or your current alliance, let us know! :smiley:

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Join us for some fun chat and fun gameplay! :smiley:

9 spots left open :slight_smile:

Killed our last titan in 4 hours. HA. We destroy purple titans. War is going well too! Join now to so you don’t miss out on the next one :slight_smile:

Won the War! Destroyed our last titan in like 6 hours…again. 9 open spots for a fun active alliance.

Join us to learn, relax, and have fun.


We had a great war! 100% of flags were used and our defenses held up well!

We are down to only 8 spots open now :slight_smile:

This Titans going down quick too! but still time to get in some hits before it dies! :slight_smile:

Ready for another war! Join us to participate in the next one :slight_smile:

Another win for us! Spots still open, join us to help in the next war and take down these titans! :slight_smile:

I look great in that top spot. Join us and show you can do better. We are laid back but love some friendly competition :slight_smile:

Bluewolf’s comment exemplifies perfectly the atmosphere in our alliance, friends, and friendly competition. If you like that, you’ll fit in quick! :smiley:

Join us so you can be in the next War, take down our 8/9* titans.

War is going good so far. If you wish not to participate in war that’s fine, but helping on these titans is a must! :smiley:

Thanks to the 3 that just joined! :smiley:
We are up to 25/30 so we have openings for 5 more people now :slight_smile:

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Thanks for everyone who has joined recently! If you came from the forum, feel free to say something here or in game :smiley:

War is about to start, good luck everybody! Don’t be shy about joining now to be able to participate in the next wars, or to just help take down these titans! :slight_smile: