Deadly Souls - 3 spots open! 13 -14 star titans

Hi! Do you recruit Russian-speaking players from Russia to the alliance? And you only have a Line messenger for communication?

We don’t care where you are from, but the ability to communicate is important, so a basic understanding of English is kind of needed.

Still have an opening :slight_smile:

Had a newer member quit on us after matchmaking so now two spots open.

Few spaces open. Rare titan at the moment.

Looking for a few more degenerates who know how to hit a titan.

Kicked some serious butt in this war. Was never even close. All flags used. Working on our 3rd 14 star in a row. 3 spots open for folks looking to join an active alliance.

Still recruiting to fill spots

Sill want to fill some spots

We’re a friendly, active group of men and women, international but English speaking. Looking for active players who use all titan flags and war hits (or opt out). We have a great Line group, optional but recommended, where members share info and help each other out. Had a bit of turnover lately, a few just lost interest in the game, so we’re looking to fill 4 spots, perfect if you want to bring a friend.

I joined so I can do this 5 times a day!

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Only thing better than trash talking team mates is shutting them up.

Another war win with all flags used…we might trash talk each other but when it comes down to it we’re all about teamwork! Looking to add a few people who feel the same way. Come join us if that’s you!

Fun war with Groot, ready for another one.

4 spots open…come to the dark side, we have cookies

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