Deadly Souls - 2 spots open! - 12 - 14 star titans

Yes we are half way through and on track to beat it! Excited to beat our first 12 star titan finally.

Oh yeah! Our first ever 12 star kill coming soon! And with tike to spare! :smiley:

And the giant is dead! Our first 12 star ever killed. We are getting stronger and stronger as an alliance. Line me at roaminglizard or message me here if you’re interested in joining a growing alliance. We aren’t stagnant and we will keep improving.

Had 1 member leave us today. A spot is open again :slight_smile:

Technically full but could make a spot for the right person. Shoot lizard or I a line message.

Got our very first 13 star titan today. 14 hours left and half dead. Hard to believe we are on pace to kill our first 13 when just under 6 months ago when I joined we was fighting 8 and 9 stars.

Lots have happened since the last update. We are almost sub 1000 rank in alliances, andwe killed the first 13 star weve ever seen. Didnt get the second one but we’ve come a long way.

We have a member who is going to move alliances, so we are open for recruiting again. We are full, so we’d prefer you to line us. The member leaving will leave once we have a new member setup to join.

Line me at roaminglizard or message me here

Most 12 stars go down pretty quick for us now. Almsot half way through one already and 19 hours left on it.

Good evening, RoamingLizard.

I was looking for a new alliance, as my current alliance have left so many flags lately and we can hardly deal with 9* titans.

I see that you have 11-12* titans, and I would like to ask you if a minimum is required, as some alliances want that someone makes over 100000 damage/ hit and I’ve never been able to do that.

Btw, I’m Spaniard but I can speak in English as well.


We don’t require a 100k per hit. None of us do that. Heck I only average about 100k TOTAL and they haven’t kicked me yet lol. Feel free to join and see what you can do on the titan. If you find the 12 stars are too much for you you can drop back out. No big deal.

Edit to add, the decision isn’t mine to make but I’m pretty sure if you average over 50k total and are actively trying to get better you would be welcome.

There is a 2k trophy minimum to join, but that’s only there because we have found that those that can’t push themselves up to 2k only hit the titan for like 5k average.

Good to know that.:sweat_smile:

Well, I’ll have to wait as I have used all my flags. If the place is still available before the next war, I’ll make a try.

I think you would be fine. Could join now, you will get flags back. Effort on titan attacks means more than team power. I don’t even have a 4k defense and can contribute in a meaningful way.

As long as you meet the minimum requirements to join, are active and actively trying to better your account, you’re welcome to join :slight_smile:

Wed rather get someone active and striving to improve as opposed to someone high level but isn’t dependable.

There is no minimum titan hit required. So feel free to join now even if you’ve used your flags already.

12 star going down nicely. Still an opening.

Thanks for joining Silencio :slight_smile:
We are full currently, but message me on line, or here if you want to join.

Almost broke through the sub 1k alliance rank today. At 1066.

Woo wee we have a 13 star rare. By far the strongest titan we have ever faced. But we’re going for it.

And its dead.

Will most likely have a spot open after this war. Message me here or on line if you are interested.


Won our war. Message me to join.

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