Deadly Souls - 1 spot open! Looking for a good titan hitter - 10-12 star Titans

Line roaminglizard or send me a message here and I’ll work something out for you.

If lizard doesn’t respond you can try me. Line: spyder7723

Unfortunately had to kick 2 long standing members today who have really not progressed or tried to put any effort into the game anymore like the rest of us.

We don’t ask for much, just try to hit the titan, and use your flags if you opt in.

2 slots open.

We are constantly looking to improve.

11 stars have been going down pretty consistently for us lately. The two we kicked today barely ever hit titans, so if we get 2 more decent titan hitters we will easily be getting 11s and most likely will be able to start taking down 12 stars.

2 spots open.

Thanks for joining JR. Glad to have you. 1 spot left.

We have a 12 star and are making decent progress on it. Would be a big help to fill our last spot for this titan.

Ended up not getting the 12 star. But we were pretty close. Should be able to start getting them if we get 2 more decent titan hitters.

Fun opponent this war. We are very aggressive in war, and enjoy when an opponent is equally aggressive in the first round.

Still looking :slight_smile:

Looking to get 1 or 2 in before the war starts

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