Deadly Souls - 1 spot open! Fresh War Chest - 13 -14 star titans

Titan down. 13 stars are going down easy now. Unfortunately we lost our war, sucks but when ya win 4 in a row the game is gonna match you to a real tough opponent. Still open spots for those wanting an active crowd to play with.

13 stars going down real easy, 14 stars going down with 5 hours to spare.

Lost the war, by 22 points. So many of us had bad boards this war. Oh well, it happens. All flags were used and we would win that war 9 times our if 10. The good news is the next war will be a very easy opponent and a win will fill the chest. So it’s a great time for someone to joinand be here for the next war chest.

Currently looking for one active player to fill. Please use all titan flags (13* titans regularly) and all war flags unless opted out.

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Had to let one member go unfortunately that had missed a few wars. Had a good solid run of 30 strong members for awhile. Down 1 now, ready to fill again.

Still a spot open :slight_smile:

Won our war. Still got a spot open

Won our war again. FRESH WAR CHEST!
We gained a new member a few days ago, but we had a prior member miss a war for the 2nd time in a row, he’s been booted unfortunately. So, spot is open again.


Ign: MattPart, currently in “LEGION POLAND” alliance. Active 24/7, using all energy. Lvl 63 after 1.5y of playing. My current alliance struggles with 10* but I have kind of outgrown them and would love to try with you guys but I’d rather skip LINE for now. Lets see if I can keep up or should look a bit lower. If this works - can you send me an invitation?

It isn’t possible to send an invitation. Invite only just means one of us has to accept your request before you are in. Go ahead and click join and the first time one of the co leaders is online we will accept it.

Thanks for the explanation - the wording is really confusing here :slight_smile:

Not a problem. Hope to see you join the team after your war is up.

14 star blue ice giant dead. Leading in our war by a mile. We got the top 12 spots.

Still one spot open. 14 star green on pace to kill. Join before match making and help get us our 5th straight win.

Still looking for 1. :slight_smile:

5th win in a row for us. 1 spot open

Make that two spots open. So bring a friend!

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