Deadly Souls - 1 spot open! 12-14 star titans

1 spot open now. No need to message me anymore, just request to join.

Still an opening before war starts

4 hours to go :slight_smile:

War is going well. Still have 1 spot open.

Won the war. Had a member leave us today so 2 spots open.

Matchmaking has started already, but we still wouldn’t mind getting in someone mid-war. Come help out on these titans :slight_smile:

Barely lost our war. Both teams scored over 6k points :slight_smile:
Had a newer member leave us due to wanting to be part of a smaller alliance. So 1 spot open again.

Id like to make the jump to a more well-rounded and organized group. Mine has some great player but is falling apart. Ask me anything you want to know. Im active daily, use all my war 97% of the time unless I forget and I’m a down to earth dude

Welcome to the alliance :slight_smile:

Welp, another spot opened up lol

War chest also reset so good time to join.

Get on in before war matchmaking starts to get in on a fresh chest! :smiley:

War is going well. At this point though it could go either way.

How fitting, we have a rare alpha Gryphon for our thanksgiving titan. Big fat bird is going down. Would have rather had a bonus chance at a tonic, but darts will help us all too.

Still 1 spot open.

And the big ugly yellow turkey is killed. A few of us got darts. I didn’t of course.
Spot open.

13 star spawned in. Join us now and help take this one down.

We are full, but we are constantly looking to improve. Line me at roaminglizard or message me here if you have an interest in joining.

Looks like we are losing this war. Had to remove 1 long time member and 1 brand new member. 2 spots open.

New titan is. Fairly new war chest too. Good time to join

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