Deadly Souls - 1 spot open! 12-14 star titans

War is already under way, but still wouldn’t mind if you wanted to join now :stuck_out_tongue:

Another war win. 1 spot still free for an active player. Don’t be afraid of the big titans, they really aren’t that bad, and give better loot on a c grade than a 9 or 10 star gives on an A grade.

Get in on these 14 star titans we have been killing

Still got a spot open for an active player.

Got a member that’s going to be taking a break from the game so a spot will be opening up after the mythic titan event. If interested in reserving the spot shoot myself or lizard a line message.

J2hb, if you read this please try joining again. I fat fingered decline instead of accept. Sorry.

We got 1 spot to fill. Chatty friendly and competitive bunch. We are on 14 star titans.
We expect full participation on titans and all war flags used.
Don’t be afraid of the big titans, you don’t got to be able to do 100k in one hit, just be active and use all your flags and you will contribute in a meaningful way.

Still got a spot open. This war will fill the chest so perfect time to join.

Friendly competitive atmosphere where we all push each other to do better.
This 14 star titan went down with 8 hours to spare.
We don’t ask a lot, be active, hit the titan and use war flags unless opted out. That’s pretty much it.

War chest reset. Was a great war win, all flags used, teamwork got us 3 flips and the opponent never really got close after that. We’ve got one spot for an active player, jump in before the next matchup is set!

Still a spot open. A day later and one more dead 14 star titan with time to spare. Join a winning group

Still a spot open. We are killing most 14s with ease now.
Don’t miss your chance to join a winning team.

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I’ve been playing daily since NYE 2020-21 :slight_smile:
I keep getting stronger would love to get a chance to play with all of you!

100% participation in wars

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