Deadly Souls - 1 spot open! 12-14 star titans

I temporary lowered the trophy requirement. You should be able to join now if you would like. Still have 4 openings.

Looking for some active members

Welcome to the team dragon.

We have often gotten asked what line is and how to get it. Here is a picture of the app icon to help you find it. Once you create an account just add me, lizard, or aio as a friend and send a message and we will invite you to the alliance chat group.

My line id is spyder7723

Welcome to our new member. Still 3 spots open.

Titan down. Get in now to be able to get loot on the next one.

Another fresh titan coming in an hour. Get in now to get full loot on it.

Also, we will have a fresh war chest if we win this war. Good time to get in.

won our war. Fresh war chest. Perfect time to get in.

Still looking to get some members. If you are looking for a fun group of players to join and talk with, you’ll be a good fit.

Hi, our current alliance is breaking down. I am an active player (daily) with focus on wars and titans. After reading your description I would like to join your ranks.

Feel free to join. I’m online right now so if you request to join, you’ll be accepted pretty quick :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club! Thanks for joining.

Two more spots available.

Welcome to our other new member too! Thanks for joining, 1 spot left open.

Unfortunately had to kick one of our new members. Too bad it had to go that way but we are determined to keep an active alliance. Please don’t join if you’re not going to fully participate.

1 spot open.
Been taking down 14 stars past few days now that we are back to near full.

Another 14 star down.

14 star rare titan. Rings up for grabs

We are 29/30, one spot open for a dedicated player. Great group of players, don’t miss out and join today!

Get on in before war starts! Pretty fresh war chest.

Still a bit of time to join before war

Been getting 14’s pretty regularly now that we are back to full basically.

War is already under way, but still wouldn’t mind if you wanted to join now :stuck_out_tongue:

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