👺 Deadboot - 5* Dark / Purple from Goblin Village

if it was AoE, i could see it being a decent defense hero

but the role of single target heroes in defense seems pretty expired

Sha Wujing says no

20 gelerts also may say no


you really comparing deadboots to that guy?

it’s official, forum is clownworld

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I Think it was comparison of both being single hit heroes…
Once I’ve got materials to 2LB, defence will be better adaptable.
But currently, mana control and hard to kill healers are the standard, paired with Hippo Guardian and/or some hero Like Jove. With single hit, it is less influence but not insignificant impact for sure.

It seems like you are the clown my friend because you wrote

What is sha? Does he hit multiple - please tell me :blush: :partying_face:
Did you maybe unlock hidden special skill with lb3?

Why are you singling out a single part of his special?

Will wither affect titans?


In the description for Wither (click on the little question mark on the hero card to read the full details) it says that Wither is LESS EFFECTIVE on titans and monsters. Less effective means it still does something.

Test driving Boots on mobs (link here), he did exactly the same attack and def cuts to the S1 8-7 mob bosses as he would to a hero so at this moment it appears that vs. monsters is is the same in spite of what the card says.

You can always “burn” a titan flag and test it.

Well :smiling_imp: Dark times :bangbang:


The hero card is updated with the november balance update changes.

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I got this one too? Any thoughts on using him on titans? I’m still a couple of weeks from maxing him. Plus fizzcoil takes priority needing blue and being able to 2LB that one right away

I love this card, excellent vs the plethora of taunters out there. Charges so quickly it is timely and can then fire again soon thereafter.

Titans at 90 seconds are a bit tricky especially as the description for Whither explicitly says it is less effective vs monsters and titans. I tested that using Boots (had him maxed first, (link here) on monsters and got the same stats debuff as the card stated so it isn’t clear what the decreased effect is.

This from the Deadboot balance thread (the mythic titan that was mentioned was just prior to the big buff the Goblin heroes got from SG):

That said, I replaced LB2 Aramis with LB1 Deadboot and my first three flags averaged better than my usual scores on a holy titan. Tiny sample of three flags but the massive improvement from SG means he should be considered. If you have a tile buffer (Karnov), I can’t see Deadboot finding a place, I don’t so he may.


Thanks a ton Sternman, great detail. My mainstays for the yellow titans are Shar’Kai - Sergei - C1 Rigard - Karnov and currently Turgruk…Not sure which would do more damage but I’m guessing it may be negligible.

I’d drop Rigard and use Deadboot. Rigard’s attack buff can be acheived using Titan banners.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


I second what @Blem said.

Try it and see what happens.

I can’t for the life of me recall what Turgruk does, will go search on the forum… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Agreed. I’ll listen to Blem’s advice all day long. Turgruk has a stacking defense down that’s separate from Tiburtus’.

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Here is the answer on titans: “???”

See below

We just don’t know.


Gold star for you @sternman! I’m not sure why the developers continue to be vague. Players like flat numbers or percentages…making us figure the calculations is just plain lazy.



I think this way they can tweak it without us knowing and raising a stink.

My experience with Boots on mobs is that the numbers were the same as the card BUT Deadboot was at 61% of what the card said.

If they hide it, we will also never know if it is working properly so they won’t be forced to fix bugs.