Dead Titans Society - we’ve gone more casual!

Dead Titans Society is seeking new active members for our alliance.

We are a friendly and fun international group who have decided to retire our 14* hats and go the more casual route. We’re currently on 12s, maybe we’ll take an occasional 13 if it’s a strong color for us.

We are usually chatty but it’s not a requirement, as long as you:

:star2: follow the Featured Message for important notices and strategies

:star2: join our Discord channel

:star2: have a minimum of +30 maxed heroes (5*/4* heroes with ideally at least 15 maxed 5*

We expect daily and reliable participation on Titans and participation in Alliance Wars or utilize the opt out feature BEFORE matchmaking begins.

Come knock on our door and mention this ad, see if we’re a good fit together :sunglasses:


20 bumpity bump bumps :crazy_face:

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Still looking for 4 recruits

Do you still have a vacancy? I’ve been in the same alliance for almost 3 years. We grew for awhile and it was fun, but now we’re shrinking and I’m pretty tired of fighting 5* titans. Discord will be new for me, but I’m willing to jump in.

About me: Exclusively F2P. 18 maxed 5* heroes and more maxed 4* heroes than makes any sense. A lot of level 70 and unleveled 5* heroes on the bench. I play daily, always in the morning (Eastern U.S.), I pop in through the work day when I need a sanity break, and I usually play at night but not always (mostly driven by War or Titans). I am intrigued by the idea of team strategy because no one in my alliance was ever interested, but I am very interested as the strategy element is the primary reason I still play the game.

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Hi @redmasque1!

We have several openings available, we’ve had some players move on to remain more competitive and some others stepping out to go into retirement due to RL issues.

We’re currently on a pass titan (booooo) as we prepare for an upcoming rare titan, AR (we don’t usually pass titans then due to level ups) and balancing being short several members.
Tl; dr basically it’ll be pretty quiet and dead in the alliance today haha

We have a very loose strategy in war but it’s been tweaked over the years and it works best for us.

If interested, the alliance is currently set to open, feel free to buzz on by and join us; you can mention you saw my forum ad.

Hope to see you there! :sunglasses:

Thanks. My alliance is usually quiet. We’re just not a chatty bunch. I want to give them all a heads up first, but I’ll jump over soon.

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My co-leader asked me to stick around for the next war. Look for my request to join on Thursday (or very late on Wednesday). See you then!

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6 spots available, come hang with us and save your iron and hams for building upgrades instead of item crafting for the big titans :sunglasses:

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