Dead Titans Society searching for 1 very active daily player!



Looking for a rad new person to join our ranks, spare me from AR hell and come say hi and have a look around :slight_smile:


I’m not in the market for a new alliance, but like @Rook I just had to drop in and compliment you on your most excellent alliance name… cultured and funny at the same time! :face_with_monocle::grin:

Good luck recruiting, somehow I don’t think that’s too hard a task for you guys… people should join just for the name :slight_smile:


@ChoppedLiver thanks for the kind compliments! One of our elders (who is a long time member) suggested the name change when our original leader left us. We’ve been rocking it ever since :smile:


Still looking for the perfect candidate to round out our roster…if you are lurking and interested, don’t be shy-come say hi! We’re a fun crew with a great team spirit :sunglasses:


I’m curious as to why you lose members so often? I’ve been in two alliances and the only person I’ve ever seen leave an alliance was me. I left that one because that was my first one I just jumped into, it was a good group but the leader was MIA, the co-leader was doing well, but still, the MIA leader was taking up a spot.


@FinishBJ we had 2 co-leaders leave 2 weeks ago for individual personal reasons. We filled those spots quickly but I had to kick an inactive member yesterday, hence the new spot.

Regarding previous spots open: those were long-time-members who lost interest in the game and decided to quit playing OR were booted due to inactivity and failure to communicate (which is our #1 no-no).

Even though we’re taking a slightly more relaxed approach during the summer, we expect our members to be progressively improving their heroes and overall teams, if you are inactive, that’s impossible to do and it lets the entire team down.

Are you looking for a new alliance to join?


I’ll admit, the allure of an invite only team is very appealing, seems that’s the way to get a dedicated group together instead of an open alliance that will take any “so-so” active members that really don’t study the game, like not wasting hits on an obviously undefeatable Titan instead of saving those hits for the next one. Or saving your level up to squeak out one more Titan hit before the refill.

The Discord channel you have does sound useful. Would be interesting. I’ve never used it though.

So, hmmmmmmmm, so, yes, the idea of joining a stronger alliance that is as organized as yours seems to be in very intriguing.

Ok. Lets do it.


You meet all the requirements? Our expectations are fairly cut and dried, just like the ad states.


Yes, although barely, but I’m a very active player.

Level 30, 3400 power, 1950 cups.


Our discord channel is vast. We have an insane amount of data collected but it’s extremely well organized (one of our coleaders is the admin).


Come join us. Of course too late to play in the war but it’s ok. We’re up against a rare Titan and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it. If you hate us you can always leave :wink:


Fresh Opening in our alliance! We’ve had to kick another member due to lack of communication and inactivity.

If you are interested in dropping in and checking us out, feel free, just mention my name in the join request :smiley:


@Everyone, I joined this alliance 7 days ago. DevineDee and the co-leaders run this alliance RIGHT! Communicating, Alliance War strategy, keeping detailed logs, database of info about everything, and everyone is willing to give advice. I left my first alliance because I wanted something like this, I left my second alliance because I wanted something like this. Finally found it.


Welcoming an old friend back into the fold after a walkabout. At capacity again!


Would love to fill our open spot before War cooldown begins. We also are battling a 10* Rare Dark Titan!


Heyyy don’t be a lurker! Come say hi to my fun and amazing team! We just celebrated our 1-year anniversary together, would love to welcome another dedicated member to our ranks :smiley:


Are the detailed logs on the discord channel? I have never heard of this before today. I guess I need to do some research.


Yep, all on discord. Granted a lot of our info is gleaned from the forums and cross posted into discord for ease of use. We do have a handful of members who adore compiling all sorts of statistics for us, so that’s helps too :smiley:


Hello. I am interested if you still have a spot. I have been in a small guild I started and now looking to move up. Thanks in advance for any consideration.


And happy to give roster details if it would help.