Dead Titans Society - 1 opening available



Dead Titans Society currently has 2 openings!

Seeking experienced mid-range level player (level 30+, power 3200+, cups 2000+ or close) who will be an active and daily participant within our alliance.

We are a friendly international group of daily and very active players who are drama-free, knowledgeable and fun and are successfully killing 10* & 11* Titans.

We are super chatty but it’s not a requirement, as long as you:

• follow our Alliance Banner for messages and strategies

• join our Discord channel

• have +10 leveled heroes

DTS expects and encourages every member to communicate (via EP chat and Discord), grow (heroes, knowledge, skill) and participate reliably (titans +AW). We have chats, screenshots, documents, charts, videos, and live stream, for general gameplay knowledge, raiding and titan tips, AW strategy, and roster advice. We genuinely enjoy helping each other improve and advance, for individual and alliance benefit!

We expect daily participation on Titans (more than 3 flags please) and FULL 6 flag participation in Alliance Wars.

Communication is a priority for our alliance, we are totally OK with members missing Titan hits or AW due to RL situations, but we expect to be given a heads up prior to inactivity (outside of a true emergency).

Come knock on our door and mention this ad, see if we’re a good fit for you!


Now at capacity!

If you’d like to stay in contact to be on a waiting list, add me on Discord DivineDee#9574


We’ve had to do some minor housekeeping due to performance and activity issues, so we have a new spot available. Come check us out!! :smile:


Again at capacity! Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


2 fresh openings available!


3 openings…save me from AR chat hell :sweat_smile: stop by and say hello in the alliance or friend me on discord for more information


We’ve lowered our requirements a bit, come say hi and see if we’re a good fit for you!


2 openings available!


We are officially and thankfully full again :blush:


Annnnd I’m back. 2 openings. Need to be active daily, hit me up on Discord DivineDee#9574


2 openings still available, hit me up on discord if interested DivineDee#9574 :smiley:


1 slightly stale, but still available opening :laughing:

Please. Spare me from AR and stop lurking :sweat_smile:

Friend me on discord so I can charm you into joining :wink: DivineDee#9574


Filled up for now but we know how these things go…if you’d like to be on a waiting list for membership, send me a friend request on Discord so we can keep in touch DivineDee#9574


Here we go again…had a member move onto his natural language alliance, so we have a new opening! Send an invite in game or friend me on discord for more info DivineDee#9574


We’re 30/30 now! :tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:


Bah, jokes on us…our new join just abandoned ship…1 opening available!