Dead mass-damage heroes' buffs

Hello guys!

Not sure if it’s bug or not, kindly ask for clarification.
Mass-damage heroes lose theirs status effects if they die while application of the special skill.
I’ll explain below :slight_smile:

Let’s look at the attached picture.
Here’s what’s happening.

  1. Odin has an attack buff from Black Knight, and casts his special
  2. Special skill applies from left to right
  3. Dalila (A1) gets full damage (941)
  4. Rigard (A2) gets full damage (855), AND Odin dies from counter-attack (CA).
  5. Cyprian (A3) gets only 557 damage!
    Why? Obviously, 'cause Odin is dead by now and doesn’t have an attack buff anymore
  6. The same reduced damage for A4 and A5 heroes.

If it’s not clear what I mean - please let me know, I’ll explain :slight_smile:
So, is it a bug or a feature? ))


This is what i personally think / opinion:

  1. When AoE (Attack on Everyone) heroes such as Odin, frigg, azlar, etc cast their specials, the damage isn’t counted from left to right. The damage received is equall to all of their opponents.

  2. Then why delilah (A1) and rigard (A2) get more damage compared to A3-A5? That might because A3-A5 get more defense status.

Try to compare delilah & rigard status (defense) with cyprian, freya and malosi. U might embleming cyprian, freya and malosi high enough on defense path so they reduced the damage received, while (maybe) ur delilah and rigard not being emblemed or not maxed yet, thats why they have weak defense and received so many damage compared to others.

That’s what i think and not sure if its correct or not. maybe, you can give ur current screenshot of ur delilah + rigard and cyprian, freya, malosi cards so we can see in details regarding each of their defense stats

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Hi! Can we see all the video please? :slight_smile:

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Sure, here’s the full video.

That’s not the case, mate )
Please check the video, I posted the link above.

After watched ur video here my analysis.

The problem is why cyprian, freya and malosi get lesser damage compared to delilah and rigard?

I think

  1. Cyprian has lv 23 troops, so his defense is bulkier compared to rigard
  2. When odin casted his specials, only freya and malosi got 2 minions, where the others only have 1 minions, thus 2 minions might absorbed the damage received.

Well, maybe, i’m not 100% sure. Wait for others to do the analysis.

Note: better u upload ur video on youtube so it can be embeded in this post without having to redirect on separate website


Hi! The problem is not about defense status. It’s about attack status. There is another situation. Glenda hits with attack debuff on her, dies by the CA, then rumpel and marjana takes more damage than elena. Obviously they got more defense status than elena.


But shouldn’t be that the higher defense stat a hero has, the more it can withstand attacks from the opposing enemy? Those with lower defense stat should get more damage than those with higher defense stats. In the instant case, Elena should have taken more damage than Rumpel and Marjana since she has far the lowest defense stat among the three and thus should get more damage from Glenda than Rumpel and Marj. Doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not the stats, guys :slight_smile:
Of course, we double-checked that the first thing.

Let’s look at Marjana and Elena.

  1. Elena - Def 685, mana troops, damage taken 399.
  2. Marjana - Def 748, crit troops, damage taken 596.

The only reasonable explanation, imho, is the cleanse of Glenda’s debuffs.
But if you can explain this by attacking team’s stats - please do, I’m all ears )

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i haven’t looked at it all that close. watched the vid in the OP, nothin jumped out to me as a valid explanation

think @ThePirateKing is the first I’d tag in this sort of discussion, he enjoys this stuff lol


This is indeed a very interesting observation. I was always under the impression that AoE heroes hit everyone at once. The only two things that the player base is sure about is that:

  1. Hero specials are applied in the order in which they are written in the card
  2. When a hero dies they indeed lose all buffs

Also, we need to remember that there is a random parameter in the damage calculation equation, which can lead to skewed results even in the case of similar defense and attack stats.

So, all in all, we would definitely need more data points to investigate what is happening. :slight_smile:

In your first example I don’t know the emblems and troops information of the troop you are using. But we can make some educated guessing. Malosi will indeed take the least damage since he is immune to defense debuff (which the rest of the heroes have). Freya is very tanky so that might explain her case. Both Delilah and Rigard have low defense (but without emblem info hard to tell). And Cyprian might just have a crit troop, or the random parameter lucked out in his case.

But you might be on to something, because the Glenda case does indeed seem very interesting. :slight_smile:


Ah nice catch, on OP post, malosi indeed didn’t have def debuff like the rest

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Here is information about troops and emblems in the first example. As you can see rigard also have costume bonus. Also the difference 400-500 damage in this case is not a random parameter in the damage calculation equation. The first thing that causes this difference is the attack stats of odin, which depends on attack buff. And odin lost his buff after death by rigard’s counter attack. So we need to concentrate on attack stats of odin (and glenda in second case), not the defense stats of rigard, cyprian etc.
The difference in the damage between cyprian, freya and malosi depends on their defense stats. But the difference between dalilah, rigard and other mostly depends on odin’s attack stats

Are you sure about that? Let’s see an example. I assume that with troops and emblems, Odin has an attack stat of 1000. With BK buff that makes it 1450 (assuming minimum 45%, but could be way more depending on whether he was hit with tiles prior to his special going off). And I can see 5 holy tiles on the board. That makes his damage 100 + 18x5 = 190%. Now let’s assume that he hits a hero with a standard defense stat of 800. According to the damage formula,

Damage ≈ 100 x ( θ x Att / Def ) ^ 1.35

Att = 1000 x 1.45 x 1.9 x 1.2
Def = 800
θ varies from 0.606 to 1.649

If we now plugin all the values, the damage can vary from 345 - 1333.

As we can see, that’s a huge amount of variation (about 1000 HP). But both of these are extreme cases. Most average cases will likely lie somewhere in between. All the values you see in the picture are within this theoretical range, so how can we claim that it is not due to the random parameter? :slight_smile:

Once again, there is no definitive proof as we just investigated. That’s why I said in my first post, that we would need to study many more such cases, and if the pattern repeats itself, then only we can definitely zero down on a more definitive answer. Until then, we have to chalk it up to the random paramter for now. :slight_smile:

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Here is some more cases. To figure it out ask yourself a question “why it’s always such difference in damage for the heroes that on the right?”. If we speaking about random it would be different heroes, isn’t it? But what we see in all these cases is regularity. And it is always about attack buff/debuff.


Yes, these are very good cases. Thanks for taking the time to record. It is indeed providing a lot of evidence that the AoE hitters actually hit from left to right. This is something very new and interesting. :slight_smile:

So in conclusion, they start hitting from left to right with some kind of buff or debuff, and if they die in the process the ailments are removed, and they either do more damage or less damage depending on what ailment they had. I am wondering if this will work on offense side also. I mean if I take an AoE hitter and hit defense riposte. Would be interesting to see.

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AoE and Ao3 damage is resolved left to right. Similar bug was already happening with counterattack as the counterattacked damage was returned right away and the caster died during the hit and remaining targets were not hit at all:

So this seems as a similar issue but with buffs/debuffs not being taken into effect (as the caster “died” because of the first counterattacked damage)


That’s great info. So most likely this might be a feature of the game and not a bug. Let’s hope we can get some clarification from the developers once they return from their holidays :slight_smile:


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