Dead heroes - lower tile damage?


I have two questions related to tile damage:

  1. If a hero dies, will its tiles do less damage for the rest of the match? I think the tile damage remains the same, but I’m not sure.
  2. If I have two heroes of the same color, the tile damage is increased accordingly. If one or both heroes die, is the tile damage decreased?

Thanks for your input!

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I’ve never tested it concretely but it appears that full base tile damage is kept for the tiles but you lose any buffs associated with the hero (attack ones explicitly).


I just tested this for dmg only.

  1. you still do dmg for say red tiles even if your red hero is killed.

  2. when you have two red heroes, you do roughly the same damage after 1 is killed, as if they were still in play.

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Worth to note it also works for debuffs. So if your hero gets blinded just let him die and voila! No more misses :smiling_imp:


This was not always the case. It used to be that if you hero died, and was blinded, your tiles would still miss.

Regarding the original question, hero death does not effect tile damage in any way.


Ahhh… but maybe it should
(lub dub lub dub)

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You made me laugh!

I don’t want it to change, truthfully, but we’ll see what comes down the pike. :wink:

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