Dead heroes firing their special w/ Mother North

Here’s the event sequence while still fresh in my head:

I kill Khagan as tank with a lengthy tile combo, no dots or effects on him.
Opponent’s Mother North activates her special.
Khagan does NOT appear, however his special goes off next. You can see and hear the ability.
At end of turn he is still not present.
During my next turn I put tiles through the middle just to ‘check’. Nope, not there.

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Same thing 2 days ago. Only MN alive, fires her special and 3 heroes revive : Dominitia, Aeron and GM. But Dominitia does NOT appear, her special goes off (with sound) and thats it!

does his ability still hit, and affect any heroes beside his spot (+def +mana)?

Absolutely, it hit my whole left side with damage and debuffs.

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WOW… I’d love to see a video of that. Sounds like the game is checking who can fire their skill first before checking whether they revived. Something is being skipped in this order of events.

Agreed! I’m not going to video every raid on both my accounts, but maybe any involving Mother North would be a good idea because I’m seeing many reports. But I came on here immediately while I remembered the exact sequence of events. I wish they had game IDs. That way we could post them and the match could be easily reviewed that way to verify a bug.

Is it possible he did get revived but just isn’t reappearing?

I threw tiles through the middle the next turn and they all went through. So either way, what happened was buggy in one way or another.

Mos def. lol 20 characters.

It’s for sure a logic hole. It sounds like the revive condition isn’t being checked first, or if it is then it isn’t being validated properly by whatever logic comes next.

Hi guys, looks like there’s a bug with resurrection in v. 19.0.
Mother North or Alb resurrect a hero, he’s casting and doing attacks, but he’s not visible.

Video: Домиция, Скарлет и Скитлскал на испытании теней! Empires Puzzles - YouTube
Timing: 15:20

Hope it helps =)


Yep, exactly what I saw there except it was just one hero, Khagan who was dead and got an ‘invisibility’ rez to fire off his special. Thank you! Needs to get fixed quickly, really makes her powerful. It doesn’t actually show the state of the blue hero before it died, that would help. If it died with full mana, perhaps any hero that died with full mana but didn’t get resurrected is still firing off their special.

I don’t know if my Mother North does that in defense but I’ve got a different problem in offense: she doesn’t summon any minions anymore. I’m not sure if she still revives allies, nobody died in this fight.

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