Dead Gunnar kept attacking me

Not sure if this this the place. I have a video but not a screen shot. Fought in raid tourney just now. Frog was in the corner and went off. No problem. Anyways killed off Gunnar after the spell was done but je continued to hit me an even got a special
Off while dead. Needless to say it cost me the raid battle. How can I send or attach the video?


You can upload the video to YouTube (or a similar video hosting/ sharing platform) and then link it here.

Also, who do you mean by frog?


Muggy. Sorry couldn’t think of his name.

Muggy…×20 ?:grin:

Ok so of muggys special goes off, and you kill a hero it revives them as a chameleon.

This Chameleon has a slash attack for a special

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Thanks but won’t bother with the video. Too much work. Just sucks having a flag wasted.

Ok without seeing the video I can’t be sure but I’m 99% sure that what I wrote above is what happened.

  1. Muggys special put the blacked out Chameleon symbol on the enemy Gunnar (i.e. the symbol for the revive being in the background awaiting the trigger).
  2. You killed Gunnar,.charging his mana to full AND activating the revive
  3. Gunnar revived as a chameleon and used his charged special, killing your hero
  4. Raid ended cause your hereos were dead.

Thé spécial was over before I killed Gunnar. I made sure of it. He stayed ghosted for 5 turns after. I only started recording once I noticed it. I posted the video on a few line chats. Is what it is.

Ahhh could be linked to this bug. Has some weird effect when someone revives with spirit link active, the revive transfers over.

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Here’s a pic that I took from the video.

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Thanks. 20

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