Dead alliances are called problems - why?

I have seen a number of replies to AW topics saying dead alliances are a problem, but no one has explained why.

Is this some insider topic on beta chat?

Someone, pls, explain.

Mismatches aren’t much fun.

Wars where one team shows up and the other doesn’t, likewise aren’t much fun.

That second one is effectively the same as facing a dead alliance.


+1 to what Revelate has mentioned. The sheer amount of dead alliances (those with inactive leadership or large amounts of members inactive for several days who don’t get removed) that have accumulated over the course of a year has caused a lot of problems in several aspects of the game, not just alliance wars. Here are a couple of others I can think of:

  1. Alliance search. New players who look at the default search results for partially filled alliances stumble upon these dead alliances that are unhelpful to their game progression to a significantly higher extent more often than stumbling upon a helpful active alliance. In addition, in the case where they do search for a particular alliance name, the sheer number of dead alliances means that there are bound to be a few with a similar name to the query that will interfere with the ability to find the intended alliance.

  2. Server overload. Titans and war matches need to be generated on a regular basis for all alliances. Alliance chat messages are also stored on the server. The abundance of these inactive alliances that still generate pointless titans and war matches limits the ability of the server to process titans and war matches for other alliances, and can lead to unnecessary lag in these aspects and frequent disappearing of alliance chat messages.

  3. Alliance Recruitment. The ability of relatively new players to the game, who may very well not commit, to immediately spend 50 gems and create their own alliance and post their recruitment messages in the default general chat room has led to an emptying of the recruitment pool in terms of the new players that get suckered into a group of the blind leading the blind and also those newbie leaders, who do remain active, from first joining a more helpful and committed group who can offer more gameplay support and advice.

  4. Recruitment spam in chat rooms outside of AR. The emptying of the recruitment pool mentioned in 3) has led to there being more alliances than there are recruits in the game, making it a profitable endeavor to repeatedly post banner ad recruitment messages (outside of the developer’s clear message to not do so) in other chat rooms just in the hopes of increasing chances to find the 1 unallied person per day (slight exaggeration, but I think I made my point here).

  5. Reporting getting out of hand in chat rooms. The abundance of these banner ad messages, although from different sources, in other chat rooms have hampered several conversations and has led to a strong distaste for them, even if it is the singular recruitment ad or message to an unallied person who happens to be in that chat room, that is outside the category of spam. Ads and recruitment messages that fall outside the spam category have been unnecessarily reported as spam and has led to a much slower processing of other reports on the devs’ ends, such as abuse, serious violations, and inappropriate language, that affect the quality of the social aspect of the game. Helpful players, such as FleshPeeler and DarkMagician have been reported unnecessarily as a result of this while other cesspools of inappropriate conversations have been allowed to persist.

That’s all I can think of for now. Any thoughts, others?


This mess started when the grand puba’s changed the recruiting format. 19 members of our old alliance decided to start fresh because of a leader who would show maybe once a week. We have tried recruitment ads., checked the chat rms ect. for over a month and no luck. We even created a spy to randomly search other aliance’s for active players.What we found was the same thing you were referring to. Lots of dead alliance 's with few active players or no active players. This is a very big problem. Didn’t have anything like this before the change.

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