Dead alliance in war?

What happens if you get matched with a dead alliance? We have a war in 5 hours, but none of our opponents have been active in more than 2 weeks, and for most of them, it has been 6 months or more? If they don’t show, do we win by forfeit?

Not 100% sure with new rules, thinknthey.may forcet.
Please post followup

In our last war, there were no players registered at go time. We got this:

Please post if you see differently.

Yes, you win by forfeit. The few loot examples we’ve seen from that tier have been meh. Please post yours.

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Won by forfeit. That’s no fun. Hopefully next time someone will come out to play with us.


When an alliance is abandoned for say, 6 months, the war party should be allowed to pillage and plunder their bases.

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If one or more players have set a défense in a past War, it will happen this :


You still attack them, they just will not get any points, wish I was playing a dead team thats easy loot.

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