Day 2014, a new hope

The alliance TheExiled started off gungho and full of energy. Young and dumb we ventured endlessly to gain experience and riches. Bonds were formed and the stories around the hearth were tales of glory and conquests. Over the years, the energy waned and players got old; more wiser. Today, we battle lower titans with no commitment to the kills. Those in wars all participate. To date, we are down to under half our numbers. Some, have ventured home and will return one day, they always do. Basically, if you find yourself too invested to lie down in the road and give up, you should definitely stop by. We could use the company and swords of new visitors. Stay as long as you want. Housing and food is free. All we ask while your in town is just be active weekly; we seriously need you for alliance events. We are one of many along the road that’s not ever going become a ghost town. Hope to see a few travelers


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