Dawn of Destruction Growing Alliance

Why Join Dawn of Destruction

  1. We’re all about learning and improving!

From helping folks learn beyond-the-basics to improving our tactics and knowledge of the game. The founding members worked together in a previous alliance and wanted to experiment with different war strategies and have a place for others to develop and thrive.

  1. You grow…we grow…we all grow.

    As we grow as an alliance and improve, so will you.

  2. We’re not all big spenders.

    Our founding members range from F2P to C2P and up. Your contribution to the salaries of the SG folks is up to you, we’ll support your growth regardless.

  3. We have experience and are knowledgeable—and do our best to stay up to date.

  4. We are friendly and banter—we don’t engage in insulting or humiliating language.

Dawn of Destruction Standards (Apr 2019)

  1. Communicate in game (expected) and on LINE (optional but recommended).

  2. Have fun and work as a team—support and encourage alliance members, share your knowledge, and make friends.

  3. Farm, upgrade, and grow your teams.

  4. Hit the titan at least three times, preferably in its first 12 hours.

  5. We have a plan for war that we follow. Please follow that plan unless real life gets in the way; opt out of war if you know you’ll be busy during a particular war. War is optional—if it’s not your thing, no problem.

  6. Set weekly / monthly goals for yourself: to hit the titan for at least 100K consistently; to grow team 3 to 3000 by the end of month; to reach SH 15 in two weeks.

  7. Real life comes first—contact a member of the leadership or post in the DoD LINE group that you’ll be missing for a while.

  8. Ask questions! Share your knowledge and participate in building others’ knowledge.

  9. If you are unsatisfied with an aspect of our collaborative play or have an issue with a team member, please let the leadership team know.

Line - echo8549

This seems pretty steep.

I know your alliance is about growing , etc , but one cannot simply hit 100k consistently without

  • Battle items usage
  • Certain heroes ( and the type of Titan ).

This is debatable/difficult at times , due to difficult boards , or bad pulls/ spending of gems unfavorable.

But that’s not your fault .

Your alliance seems like they know what they are about :muscle: