🏖 Davey Wavey- 5* Ice / Blue from Beach Party

Personally, I don’t think he’s worthwhile unless you have an extremely limited roster. However, if the goal is to get a blue healer from EHT, I would instead save the EHT for Kalevala and try for cAino as, although her stats are weaker, she offers a better skill.

At higher levels, overhealing runs into an issue with the large HP stats (twice limit broken heroes, fully master emblemed, and backed by a 5* troop tend to have HP stats in the 3k-4k range). As such, overhealing with its fixed amounts is generally going to be a lower percentage of total HP than a regular heal. At a mere 500 HP, we are looking at 16.67% assuming 3k and only a 12.5% heal assuming 4k. Bringing this down to a per turn basis, and we are looking at 3.125%-4.167% heal per turn. This level of healing is at an elemental link level (Evelyn gets 4% per turn for 6 turns). Compare this to the likes of cAino with a 45% heal, and Davey Wavey is blown out of the water.

+30% defense is similarly underwhelming, and notably at the same level as Kiril, an S1 4* blue healer, provides.

Taking that together, a comparison to c2Kiril is definitely fair:

  • Both are blue and run at average speed, so no difference there.
  • c2Kiril has lower total healing at 400 HP vs Davey Wavey’s 500, but it is immediate healing, which means for 3 turns after he fires, he has provides more healing than Davey. Personally, I prefer immediate healing, so I’m going to say Kiril has the advantage here.
  • Both have the same 30% defense buff, though Davey’s lasts an additional turn. However, Kiril has a further advantage in that he also drops enemies’ attack by 34%. This, in terms of boosting survivability, Kiril outperforms Davey.
  • Davey does however get +20% mana gen, which is an advantage over Kiril.

From this, I conclude that the main advantages Davey offers are that mana generation buff, and larger stats. However, I am not convinced this is enough to make him worth the greater expense (in mats, aethers, and emblems) to level over Kiril. Especially when this comparison ignores the versatility of Kiril backed by 3 costumes, with c1Kiril allowing for more aggressive play with a defense drop for enemies, and toon Kiril allowing for a passive tile-based dispel with his superior talent.

Against cAino who is also available with the same summoning currency, I think his much lower heal makes him a weaker option. Plus cAino has the ever useful cleanse.

And if we broaden the comparison to include other healers, cAriel provides the same 500 HP immediately, and has a better mana boosting ability with direct mana infusions. She also cleanses. From S4, Passepartout (with or without his costume) fills a similar niche with healing over time and defense boosting, but does both better than Davey, at the cost of mana boosting.

When a new hero only has stats over old heroes, and has a skill roughly on par with a 4*, it’s hard to justify leveling, or even summoning for them. On top of that, when the other new additions to the Beach Party portal are similarly underwhelming, the portal isn’t particularly attractive for summoning, meaning even summoning him as a byproduct of chasing another hero seems unlikely.


Yeah, not common at all. Have you seen every freaking cleric healer out there?

If you question one thing like this, you start to question everything and nothing in the game makes sense at all.
(how is he even holding that beach ball, for one?)

I do not and will not drink the kool-aid

I’m not trying to steal @doutormorte’s thing as they have a true talent for creating AI images for heroes. I have no real talent in this regard as this is my first ever attempt.

I just wanted to mess around in Copilot, wondering if there’s a chance the SGG team could be using AI for their hero artwork :joy:

Compared to the real thing…

Happy gaming! :cupcake:


It is just another chatgpt-like bot style analysis, so nevermind :wink:

Well, I will max him and give him talents. I’ll wait for SE and possibility for a better 5* ice healer maybe cAriel (I think it’s about time SG!!!) or Kalevala’s cAino. After that if nothing happens I’m LBing this guy I dont care.
Good gaming everyone!

Only positive Thing about him so far, is His Special Animation.

So please, buff him, people would love to use him.

And why do you compare him to clerics? Just because there’s less of something doesn’t mean it’s rare… :wink:
Let’s compare healing warriors with healing barbarians, how many can you name?

When did I compare him to clerics? I’m just stating there are a few and not a lot of fighter healers out there
Barbarian healers… they’re like non existent as well. At least they got Humbert, but it’s still pathetic amount of healers
2c kiril, lazara, humbert. Not counting the conditional healers like kabeiroi and knave of hearts

Not a fan but I was happy to add him to the collection. His animation is freaking adorable!



Oh, man. I really love his animation, I pulled him several days ago, but never noticed this.
Really hope SG buffs him.


Omg, this animation looks beautiful :heart_eyes:
Now SG lets buff him and I’ll maybe use my tokens in BP!

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Much better grumbl 4* and he is not a good hero

This joke shark is the best for SE. And nothing else.

…not only for SE!
As @Nightmare2048 said: