Dates Question - POV / Vallhala

I have enough coins for Valhalla summons, but I want it to count toward the POV summons challenge.
I assume the next POV (3) is going to overlap with the June Valhalla summons.
Am I correct?

No, unfortunately POV starts 13 hours after Valhalla ends. You can check in game: Look how long the Valhalla portal is open and look when POV starts by clicking on the grey POV-icon.

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What is POV? 20 chars

It is Path of Valor.

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Ah path of Valor …

I saw that they miss each other this time. The question was whether there will be an overlap next month.

Sorry, I didn’t read correctly. Yes, PoV runs 50 days, so Valhalla in June will be during PoV

Im sure op meant this weekend valhalla

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