Date of Seasonal & Challenge Events for 2019. When will they start?

After discovering THIS SITE event schedule situation has been solved.

There are main 4 events mentioned on the website. And we know Challenge Events occur every month on the second weekend.

  • Pirates of Corellia ( January )
  • Fables of Grimforest
  • Guardians of Teltoc
  • Knights of Avalon

There are some more explanation here

  • Sand Empire ( June )
  • SpringVale ( March )
  • Wonderland
  • Santa’s Challenge ( December )

So we passed Pirates of Corellia for January. (2019-01) And I we are sure we will end it with Santa’s Challenge. Ok do we have a certain date for others, any one has a note or google doc link, I would be glad for it.


We don’t know yet what month Wonderland will enter the rotation, but Challenge Events normally start the second Thursday of each month, as you mentioned. So it’ll be on that same schedule, and rotate thereafter.

On Springvale and Sand Empire, we can guess it’ll probably be similar to last year:

Santa’s Challenge will presumably be all of December again.

What if I am new :slight_smile: come lets update the months help me have a look again to post.

That’s why I quoted the dates from last year for you :slight_smile:

My speculative guess would be Springvale starts March 27 or 28, and Sand Empire starts June 26 or 27. Those look to be equivalent dates to last year.


Sorry if someone asked before, but I couldn’t find it.
When will start next seasonal event? And I want to know if will be the same as Spring vale… (I mean with same heroes or not).


Do you know if SpringVale will have again those rabbits? or will change to another heores?

It will presumably have the same Rabbit heroes again.

Normally events have the same heroes each time, and I haven’t heard anything about new seasonal heroes in beta testing to suggest this time would be any different.

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I do hope the reward list for stages will be revised though. I was not playing this game during Spring Vale yet (not even during Sand Empire), but seeing the materials posted, the loot for Spring Vale was really bad. Only since Sand Empire they started giving guaranteed ascension materials. Last stage of advanced was an avatar and trainer if I see correctly. That’s a bad joke.

I would say SpringVale would coincide with Easter so would be here around 18th April

They revised Grimmforest rewards, so there’s every reason to believe that rewards will be revised across the board.

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