Database of 5* LB heroes

Salmon loki coming right up on the grill


Thank you so much for help and welcome to the community. :smile:


All good I want to level up its so cute I have enough material for 4 85 and for maybe around 15 emblems will take another week


Shield/health path here…I want her to survive as much as possible!


In case Salmon Loki is still missed:


Amazing stats on the LB Salmon - might need a nerf!


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I am wondering how much damage it can do on Holy heroes at the end of each turn. :smiley:

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Found it ,:slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for it. Still missing Boss Wolf, G.Chameleon, Sargrasso, Galliard.

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Hey, can you tell me alliance where player has him lb?

Still unleveled sadly

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Thank you. Tracking player.


Added all Gargoyles, Panther and normal Domitia.

Still missing c.Kageburado and c.Ursena.

Tracking: Boss Wolf, Sargrasso, Mok-Arr, c.Poseidon, G.chameleon.

If Chameleon isn’t finished when Mythic Titan starts, you can always look at players titan teams and see if one of then has the Chameleon

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It’s become so that season 1 and season 2 heros are a good bit weaker than season 3 and most event heros. It takes so much time to save limit break mats, I could not bring myself to use them on older heros. This as most know is a serious game of patience. It’s worth the wait to use all your rare items on a above average hero. Much easier to wait than to have to look at your roster for a long time regretting limit break mats on inferior heros. Made that mistake on acc mats as it is over the years. I refuse to use limit break mats in a situation I feel like I am just settling. To each his own and goof luck to all!!

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I am not sure this was noticed but you have images of several heroes that are LB but at the same time they are not max leveled:

  • Quartz (Level 80)
  • The Hatter (Level 84)
  • Kadilen (Level 80)
  • Ursena (Level 83)
  • Killhare (Level 84)
  • Kunchen (Level 84)
  • Khagan Costume (Level 83)
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That regular Yunan there has costume bonus on it, I found a player with LB Yunan+19 without costume bonus, want that there?
Also saw an regular LB Obakan with costume bonus.

Check, both regular and costumed are above in the list.

Thanks for note, will update them didn’t realized this.

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No problem! :wink:
Keep up the good work!

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