Database of 5* LB heroes

I think I have finished adding the heroes to tables.

I have also done some restucturing.

I have moved all challenge event heroes under 1 new category, and I have sorted the challenges.
I have done the same for Season events too.

I have also move the Ninja Tower heroes down to the other heroes.

Plus I have split the costumes to Season 1,2,3,Seasonal, Chalenge event and HotM categories.

Here is the result.

I hope I have not made any mistakes.

I have used standard Englsh charactes except 1-2 heroes.
So there will not be special n for Penonite for example.

Challenge Event heroes
Avalon Event heroes
Hero Image
Black Knight
Black Knight (with CB)
King Arthur
Lady of the Lake
Lady of the Lake (with CB)
Morgan Le Fay
Fables of Grimmforest Event heroes
Hero Image
Boss Wolf
Puss in Boots
Red Hood
Rumpelstilskin (with CB) image
Snow White
Snow White (with CB)
Gargoyles Event heroes
Guardians of Teloc Event heroes
Hero Image
Guardian Chameleon
Guardian Gazelle
Guardian Kong
Guardian Owl
Guardian Panther
Guardian Panther (with CB)
Pirates of Corella Event heroes
Riddles of Wonderland Event heroes
Slayers of Fell Shadow Event heroes
Starfall Circus Event heroes
Villains Event heroes
Season 1 heroes
Season 2 heroes
Season 3 heroes
Season 4 heroes
Season 5 heroes
Seasonal heroes
Christmas Event heroes
Kalevala Event heroes
Return to Morlovia Event heroes
Sand Empire Event heroes
Springvale Event heroes
Hero Image
Killhare (with CB)
Master Lepus
Master Lepus (with CB)
Sir Roostley
HOTM heroes
Tavern of Legends Hero
Hero Image
Costumes for heroes
Season 1 heroes
Season 2 heroes
Season 3 heroes
Hero of the Month
Seasonal heroes
Event Heroes
W3K Event heroes
Ninja Tower heroes
Tower of Magic heroes
Tower of Styx heroes
Bard Event heroes
Clash of Knights Event heroes
Monster Hunter heroes

Wow. That’s a nice setup. Very cool. Even the costumes are organized.


I will do the same for the 4 star heroes topic too, but probably not today.


@Ian487 do you use your LB Kage often, still? I’ve been holding off emblemming / LBing mine because he seems so flimsy but your stats look nice and I’m thinking maybe he’s worth a revisit for the odd war hit

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Kage works great against taunters. Now taunters fell out of grace, he’s field value dropped a bit. Still, very fast dispeller, solid damage during early game, yes, I still use him daily and paierd with the right heroes he’s doing his part. He’s also on my defense line, missing a better purple, soon to be replaced by Xnolphod, though…


Good to know, thanks. I prefer to use my Aethers to bring older heroes back into play and I’ve always had a soft spot for Kage but he’s been left by the wayside recently. I’ll emblem him back up and see how I feel. As you say, always useful against taunters but I’ve also got Fogg, Seshat, Onyx, GPanther etc… Appreciate the feedback.

Edit - congrats on Xman!

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Thanks! Single gem pull.

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Hey, that looks amazing, a lot work went into that. Thank you very much for your help. Hope I know how to use it further.

I will structure Database for lb 3* heroes very soon. I collected mostly everybody.


Just to ask how can we copy everything you made on first post and overwrite existing post?

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You are welcome.

Please let me know if you need any help or question about extending it.

As I mentioed I will do the similar to your 4 star database topic too.

Click on replying to my post wit the hero list and click here:


This quote my whole post.

After that you can remove the leading and ending [ quote ] text + the additonal text what I have written above the table.

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Thank you I have edited databases.

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I’ve found new red cat, probably will be finished soon.


Faced her in a raid yesterday. Over 1000 attack, 850 defense, and 1700 health. Fully emblem and LB.

I wonder how long it’s going to take to see these double costume season 1 heroes limit broken and fully emblem.

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Found her

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I really want to win this one to be this first to post Khagan. I already had his first costume LB’d and emblemed and pulled the second one today.

The problem is I don’t have much to feed him!


Someone posted this in another forum.


That was bound to happen at some point

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@Bukefal maybe these should be added into a separate table eg:

Secondary S1 Costumes

If you don’t have it yet, there’s 2nd costume Vivica.
(I’m sorry, for just posting the link - I don’t know how to take the picture from the other thread and post it here)

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