Database of 5* LB heroes

@Bukefal With the new balance update happening soon, may want to get ready to post an updated images of S5 heroes

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heres one

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Will do, need to check what updated will they make.

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Please, always post alliance where these can be found

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Yes, had it so all good. Tracking Gorseck also player has him on +20 but not LB yet.

Uhh, found Gorseck as well.

If the changes in the current Beta will arrive to the live game, then your job will be extremly easy in the future as right now the heroes are shown with maxed limit break and max emblems.

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found this

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Can you share alliance and player name?

Thanks found him. So Horus added.

Green gargoyle :wink:

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Already added all of them but thanks.

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Ahhh should’ve checked the list. Sorry pal. But technically good work :wink: sooo I’ll take the like :+1:t3:
So the db is complete then ?


Hey, yes missing only the new W3K hero. Found one player +20 emblemed not lb yet.

i cant find any costume rocc

Just added him under costumes.