Data Collection for Eddard's Guide To Improved Loot from Elemental Chests

Maybe; as stated it might have changed but I don’t think we’ve got good tracking for say Gold vs. Platinum or Platinum vs. Diamond loots yet to really know.

Based on my experience and data collected - I have a hard time believing that this tactic doesn’t hold true but decide for yourself. The sample is from 50+ people over many updates. To my knowledge and experience it does not affect normal chests.

I agree that having a larger sample from different updates and more from the most recent update as well as controls for normal chests filled the same way and elemental chest filled on regular low levels and high levels would be ideal but we are working with what we have and this is an attempt to prove or disprove the theory. Just collecting data and giving a suggestion.


For clarification. Raid chests are now determined at open instead of spawn.
It has never been the case that quality of enemy impacts chest contents. You will see an increase in ham amd iron as you’re likely to.fill with higher quality monsters when you have more storage which impacts amount of ham and iron in chests

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my first hero chest in platinum, I fill it like gold and I opened it like platinum, I never received anything good in gold .

Thanks for the share but I was referring to elemental chests.

That’s a great reward! A rare one for Platinum however. I’ve been in Platinum since the new Raid format rolled out and my loot has never had an ascension item yet. I get ham, iron and mostly herbs and a trainer hero. I have gotten a trainer every time.

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In the process of creating a “new” sample based on the data people have been sending me from the latest update.

Oh my god… I never had Food and Iron from Elemental Chests!

Anyway, thanks for the datas! (:

Are you making a joke or questioning me?

I just did a dark chest on 5-5 only (managing experience for a level up to coincide with the event tomorrow):

Left to right -

Nugget, Sturdy Shield, Trap Tools, Dragon Banner, 30 gems (range I have seen is 20-50), 3x epic troop token (which gave me the same blue 3* troops, if you can believe it), Alliance Flask, 1* blue trainer.

This is more like they used to be before they nerfed them, just a data point for you.


Hmmm very interesting! I’ve been wondering if this was the case or not, but ended up choosing the fast/cheap way everytime. And last 3 elemental chest I got one epic troop token. Rest all regular. So I’m definitely willing to try this theory! Once I will get an elemental chest again, I will report the loot + the farmed level here. Cheers, and thanks for sharing + taking the trouble to collect the data.

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I want to ask you: did you find iron and food from Elemental Chests? I had never find them…

However, I thank you, because we can extrapolate a percentage for each prize!

Never, but I chose to assume that the place holders should be established since food and iron were the first rewards for essentially everything in the game.

Yellow Chest // 10-6 and raid hero kills.

  • Nugget
  • Tome of Tactics
  • Scabbard
  • Dragon Attack
  • 30 gems
  • 2 x summons tokens
  • Hero token
  • Alliance flask
  • 2* Trainer Hero

Here you go! Thanks for tracking!
Yellow Chest
10-6 & 12-9 split and 1 raid hero

Dragon Bone
Mystic Rings
Trap Tools
30 gems
2 x hero tokens
Summon token
Raid flask
1* Trainer Hero


Wew… thats some pretty nice loot right there!


Nature Chest: 12 greens came from raids (cups around 2200). The rest came from farming 7-5

Dragon Bone
Royal Tabard
Sturdy Shield
Super Antidotes
30 gems
3 summon tokens
World energy flask
1 * purple trainer

Holy Chest 10-6

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green chest full of farmable material, crap chest.
Ran 18-7 and the challenge event. I guess this idea of farming ‘high level’ improved chests is not true, it is based on a mathematicak rolls that gives good loot to one and crap loot to another.

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