Darts... Always the darts (rant about drop rates and asking for ascension advice)

I start with the rant. Why the hell i dont get darts like ever? The last full set took me 7 months (with 2 shiloh quests so it was only 4 from drops). 4 darts in 7 months? Really? And from those 4, i got 1 in the last 5 months. 1 dart in 5 months. Its ridiculous. I dont get many 4* AMs but i usually get a few every month, but never darts. Whats up with that? I got more than 6 telescopes in the same time i got 1 dart. Ok, rant over.
Now the happy part. So i have been very lucky lately and got Drake Fong from HA10 then the next day pulled Roostley with a free token. Who should i max first (i dont have the darts and knowing my drop rate i will have 6 in late autumn)? I want to replace good old Joon on my defense team (wing position) i know Drake would be better for that but here is the other thing, in my alliance we use purple tanks in very fast wars and Roostley would be a beast flank for my Kunchen.
If i had the darts now i would probably max Drake because i could max him on emblems while i only have around 600 for Roostley but by the time i get the darts i dont think this will be a problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciate.

re rant: same problem. I never get darts.

I would lean drake just because if your defense kills any of the middle 3 before roostley fires, his skill becomes way weaker.

Tonics are my sore spot.

I’d max Drake over Roostly. Drake remains a powerhouse even if there’s a hole, while Roostly simply doesn’t.

Really he’s best on offense, while Drake can be used for offense or defense.

I can beat that, 8 in 25 months.

Wow!!! What a trophy to pull Drake Fong from hero academy!!! Definitely he deserves your six darts, sir roostley can wait. Legendary ascension items are rare but the only one that is really difficult to find at the end is tome of tactics…

I never had any problems with tomes or D blades, right now i have 7 tomes and 11 blades. Its always the darts for me.

Should check out the thread I made a while ago asking about drop rates, I seem to he doing pretty decent with mays although for me seems to be tomes well until recently

Rare but obtainable. Tomes are rare but why do they hand out Tabards like candy to kids?

D blades for me, only ever get them from the quests.

All my blades have come from Mystic vision bar one.

Then I want your MV :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have at least 7 maxed legendaries per element. Most of my other 5* heroes are left at 3/70 because either they are dupes or without costumes or subpar heroes (currently 29 of them plus 5 more already ascended to the third tier) . Here is my current inventory:

2+ years playing. Just sharing.

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Currently i have 39 5*s maxed, but I dont have nearly as much AMs as you. You are either 1000x more lucky than me or buy AMs from deals which i dont do.

Nope. I don’t buy ascension mats. I try to get them from various sources

For me it’s tomes. I have enough mats to max 5 heroes except for the tomes.

I have the ascension mats. But still hoping to get those prized heroes using free coins and tokens, i.e. Frigg, Odin, Gefjon, Tyr, Freya, Bera, Heimdall, Lord Loki, Lady Loki, Thor and maybe Sif (I only have Alfrike fully emblemed and 3/70 Ratatoskr and 3/70 Fenrir but I don’t care about Norns), any of the Villains characters (I have none, not even lower rarities), any of the Avalon legendaries (I have none, only 3* and 4*), any of the Pirates legendaries (I have none, only 3* and 4*), any of the Wonderland legendaries (I have none, only 3* and 4*), any of the Morlovia legendaries (I have none, only 3* and 4*, except Frank), Hel, Zeline, Zimkitha, and Malosi from ToL, Tarlak and Ursena (the only 2 I lack and want from S2; sorry Missandra, I don’thave you but I don’t really need you), Killhare (the only Springvale I am missing, the rest obtained using EHTs), any of the other Ninjas I don’t have (I have only Jade who will be stuck at 3/70 and the red and purple ninja epics), Finley (I already maxed and fully emblemed Kestrel but restrained ascending 3/70 Locke; I don’t care about the other 2 purple legendary pirates), Puss from Grimforest (only got Snow White; I don’t care about the rest of the legendaries), Kong (the only hero I lack from Teltoc, but will only be expecting him from HA10 as I won’t be pulling anymore on that portal and save challenge coins to other portals), and the costumes of Viv, Leo, Azlar, Marjana, Kadilen and Sartana (I have the original version of the hero either maxed or at 3/70).

I don’t want to use my ascension mats on 3rd GM, 3rd Lianna with costume, 2nd Mitsuko, 2nd Joon with costume, 2nd Domitia with costume, 2nd Vela, 2nd Clarissa, 2nd Azlar, 2nd Sartana, 2nd Ariel, 2nd Evelyn (well, if my tonics got to 24, I might use some on her), any of the 2 Magnis at 3/70, Khagan with costume (both versions already at 3/70, but contemplating on ascending him once I get my rings to maybe 30 again), and some of the S1 heroes without costumes.