Darkmoon. Top 100 when full


Let me tell you about DarkMoon.

We are a Top 100 alliance with Full. Requirements are:
-At least 3800 war team (4k preferred)

  • 6 full teams to use in war.

We’ve had numerous World#1 players and many many top 10 worldwide players and regional players. We are truly global English speaking alliance with people from all over the US, UK, and Australia/Pacific Basin, so someone is always around to chat 24/7.

If you’re tired of playing with mediocrity and people who don’t have the drive to be a top alliance (or the discipline to do what’s needed to get there), then DarkMoon is for you.

We are killing 12* Titans.

For wars, we use the same strategies used by the top 10 alliances. Post-war, leadership recognizes excellence and awards them with a “player of the war” award like this:

IMG_20190331_143834 (5).jpg

Interest? Reach out to me in LINE … LineID: kingofdebt or apply in game.

You probably know us or see me in the PS chat … so now you can join us. :slight_smile: Come on in for some #seriousfun with #seriouspros.

Looking for one.

4000 TP, 30 heros for war. Join and get us back into the top 100.

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