DarkMoon. [T.F.C.] is looking for 1 player

8 spots to be filled in the main alliance, come and join us!!

Please join us so Traggeter can take a break from recruiting. We have high rollers, FTP, C2P. We dont care how you spend as long as you can play!

Thx, Richter for helping out

6 spots to be filled in the main alliance, come and join us. You won’t regret it!!!

12 places to be filled in the main alliance. Come and get it. You will like it for sure. Supportive and nice people here. Try it, nothing to lose, right.

4 places to be filled, who wants to join? Come quick!!! hehe

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Is line or discord mandatory?

I’m almost at 4000tp, regularly opening chests in diamond and have a decent roster

(Red Hood is almost maxed)

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Hi Sing,
You’re welcome to join us. Line is not needed but it will help you a because we have a lot of stuff there about anything in the game.
How we read the board in war, the stages in events, lots of video’s of fights and so on.

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3 spots to be filled. Come and get it!!! hehe

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One of the best alliances I’ve had the pleasure to be with :slight_smile:
Tragg is an awesome Leader with fantastic bunch in TFC… watch out for the grumpy ol’Groot named MorganForce, you’ll fall in :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: with him easily… lol…
All the best with recruiting Tragg

:peace_symbol: - JaJutt -

Thx for the awesome support @JaJutt JaJutt and for all the help still in Line.
Yours truly Tragg :heart:

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Still 3 places to be filled. Are you the ONE!!!

2 places to be filled. Is it gonna be you?

joined about half a year ago, got entangled in tragg’s beard and stayed.

great bunch of players, ambitious but relaxed atmosphere. no drama.

always someone there to help. straightforward, no-fuss war strategies and PoV everyone-hits-titan policy.

come for the beard, stay for our changing traffic-light alliance banner

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LOL, Sing,
My beard is my trademark, btw. hehe

Anyone wants to join? One spot open. You won’t regret it.

We are looking for one active player!

11* to 12* titans
Coordinated war defense
Efficient, stress-free and successful war strategy
Great banter and support in alliance chat and in line.

Looking forward to having you!


Thx buddy for helping out. :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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