Darkfeather or Deadboot?

Regardless of roster, which would be first for you? Why?

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vfast dispel plus the rest of what he does on top is pretty solid

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  • Darkfeather
  • Deadboot
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Played with both a lot in Beta and Deadboot is the rockstar.


darkfeather if you have the right comrades for him - deadboot if you dont have them

deadboot is a kageburado 2.0 while darkfeather mixes up some strong skills of modern heroes
within the right team hes a force

especially in these days of shas high damage & dodge combined with fast taunt

I have both and went darkfeather first

Only 3/70 but I like what I see so definitely dlb mine

Obtuve a darkfeather interesante su especial lo combinare con smarttongue obvio hator , sobek ( no es letal pero con tanto contraataque es muy útil) y ultrox o ukonnen

I have this same dilemma, except I’ve also pulled Rochefort. Opinions on who is the strongest of the three?